Interior Designs: Best of 2016 – UK

To offer but a brief summary of Avalon Building & Decorating, would be to describe them as a firm dedicated to turning clients’ dreams into reality. In a more technical sense, this London-based construction and design firm offers complete renovation and refurbishment building projects, which transforms the homes of their clients and brings them to a level of space, quality and value that are unrivalled on the market.

Miros Bogdantsaliev provides insight into the most important considerations that are faced by not just his own firm, but by the wider industry. ‘Although the highest quality is always and undisputedly the predominant aim for every client, for some clients timing is the next important thing, for some is the cost, for some is the maximum space, for some is the maximum comfort where space can be maximised or indeed minimised to achieve this, or it is creating more value of the property.


‘These require different approaches and can be dealt with most efficiently only when have been clearly defined from the planning stage of the project.’


Drawing upon his own experience, Miros comments upon how Avalon compares to his competitors, focussing on the way in which they approach their newest projects.


‘Most companies would focus mostly on quality of finishes and ability to carry out building work efficiently and within the established time parameters,’ he says. ‘Although these are always a must, there is much more that must be considered, to ensure that a company can deliver the best service to its clients.


‘As such, setting out the aims and the most important priorities for the client from the get-go, and taking a tailored approach to achieve these, will be a different experience for each project and client. It is important to always be guided by the client’s best interest, and to ensure that this is achieved through a very good line of communication, as well as by going the extra mile when necessary.


Avalon is a specialist company covering a broad variety of works, expertise and competency, and this is of great benefit to the discerning client; very often, more narrowly specialised companies struggle to deal with unexpected problems or works that require different and more unconventional approach and specialities, expertise and experience. Miros comments as such; ‘this is when problems would very often start and sometimes escalate greatly by the end of the project. In fact, it is more certain that these problems and unexpected issues will arise at some stage of any project than it is an exception so it should be very much anticipated.


‘Avalon has already been asked to rescue some projects and take over from contractors who failed to deliver the projects precisely because of the above reasons.


‘A usual project,’ Miros describes, ‘would include the following works: building and structural work, basement creation, water proofing/tanking, mechanical and electrical and gas engineering, bespoke designer finishes and features, decorating and finishes, landscaping work and loads more works and trades which is difficult to list in a brief description.


‘In regards to design and build projects, the above would be complemented by Planning and Architectural drawings, Construction and Services drawings and design, Interior design, Planning applications, Structural drawings, and so on.’


With all of this in consideration, Miros highlights the main business objective of Avalon in simple terms. ‘Our aim is to broaden our design, planning and architectural capabilities and include all trades and professionals in-house. We have already created a team geared towards basement excavation and structural works, as well as a gas and plumbing engineers team. In addition, we have substantially strengthened our management team, with a Project Coordinator and Architect to give us even better control and ensure that the projects will be carried out to the required highest level of quality and service from the design stage to completion.


‘By employing these ambitious and creative professionals, who are not afraid to suggest and look for alternative solutions, materials and methods, as well as keeping always informed with the current trends and news in our business, we can guarantee ourselves a place among the upper echelons of design and construction firms within our industry. This also allows Avalon to work successfully with Private clients, as well as Developers, Architects and Designers.


‘In short, being professional, experienced, trustworthy and honest is the best approach to ensure that the project will be planned properly, started properly and will achieve the best outcome when completed.’


The changes that Miros and Avalon anticipate are intimately connected with the business development plans that they aim to implement across the company, so any current economic environment has not a top priority for the firm until now. That said, in the wake of the Brexit referendum, ‘the current economic uncertainty means that it is possible that some developing projects, which are at the very early stage of planning, will be postponed for a while.


‘We expect to undertake more design and build projects and possibly the majority will be for private Clients rather than developing projects as this is also the sector where we would like to grow predominantly.’


Nonetheless, Miros and his team continue to be inspired by beautiful design, modern or traditional and are well prepared to take this passion and knowledge of the industry forward, with a view to continue transforming their clients houses into their dream homes.’

Company:            Avalon Building and Decorating Contractors Ltd.

Name:                   Miros Bogdantsaliev

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Address:              Britannia House, 1-11 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, W6 0LH

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