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The kitchen, aka the heart of the home, is one of the most used rooms in the home. Unfortunately, we can become so accustomed to our own kitchens that we don’t even realise some of the things that are wrong with them. There are several things that you may not even realise could be ruining your kitchen.

Kitchen design expert Penelope Jacobs at, with over 15 years in the industry, has created this guide to provide you with the top ten mistakes that homeowners can make in the kitchen. These things may be ruining your kitchen. Take a look at the list below.

Overusing Bleach and Other Harsh Cleaning Products

Bleach is a very common cleaning product, and it’s great for disinfecting and removing tough stains. However, it’s important to remember that bleach is a harsh chemical. Harsh chemical cleaners such as this are not ideal for everyday cleaning. If you use them too often, this could lead to damaged or discoloured surfaces. Instead, you should swap out the bleach for a milder, gentler cleaning solution for your everyday cleaning and save the bleach for deep cleaning every now and again to prevent damaging your kitchen.

Ignoring Hard Water Damage

Is your kitchen sink and faucet suffering from white, crusty deposits? If so, this is most likely due to hard water damage. If you ignore these white crusty deposits, this can lead to clogs in the sink and corrosion on the hardware. To prevent this from becoming a much larger issue than it needs to be, spend some time every now and again wiping down the surface. Use a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water to dissolve the particles and leave your sink clean and tidy.

Inadequate Ventilation

If you have an open-plan kitchen space, it’s essential to have adequate ventilation. Otherwise, you’ll end up filling your home with cooking smells day after day. Having enough ventilation will ensure that cooking smells don’t travel to other areas of the home. An effective extractor hood is important to keep all of the steam and smells from spreading. If you don’t properly ventilate your kitchen when cooking, this can also lead to condensation, damp, and potentially mould. So, it’s important to consider how to ventilate your kitchen properly with an overhead cooker hood and by opening exterior doors and windows when cooking.

Overloading Your Kitchen Cabinets

Nobody likes the thought of a crammed kitchen cabinet. Not only will it look messy, but it can make it much more difficult to find the things you need when you need them. You may also find things in the back of your cupboards that you’ve completely forgotten about or that have gone out of date. Plus, overloading the kitchen cabinets could lead to damage. Take some time to go through your kitchen cabinets and declutter. Although it can take some time and may be overwhelming, it will be 100% worth it once it’s done. You may find that you can learn some better ways to keep your kitchen organised, making cooking a much less overwhelming experience.

Neglecting the Refrigerator Coils

Most people simply set up their fridge and completely forget about the back of it. However, it’s important to clean the coils at the back and bottom of the fridge regularly. These can accumulate dust and grime over time, which can make the refrigerator work harder than it needs to. To clean the coils, use a coil brush and vacuum cleaner. Aim to do this every six months or so to help ensure your refrigerator is always working efficiently.

Loading the Dishwasher Incorrectly

If you don’t load up the dishwasher correctly, this could lead to broken dishes. If you overload the dishwasher, the items inside may not get cleaned properly. This is because overloading or improper placement could obstruct the water jets, resulting in a compromised cleaning process. Make sure you load the dishwasher so that no dishes are crossed over. Also, make sure everything is securely in place and isn’t likely to shift during the cleaning cycle. Try to space things out so that the water and detergent can reach all of the items for a proper cleaning.

Choosing Inadequate Flooring

It’s important to choose the right flooring in the kitchen. There are certain things to consider when choosing your kitchen flooring. Safety, durability, and ease of maintenance are the three main factors that you should consider. Kitchens tend to see a lot of foot traffic, so it’s important to choose high-quality, durable flooring. Hard floors such as laminate and vinyl are durable and cost-effective. Plus, they have the benefit of coming in many styles and designs to suit every space and aesthetic appeal.

Overlooking Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Cleaning is very important in the kitchen, and it’s essential that you don’t ignore your kitchen appliances. The oven, microwave, and other kitchen appliances need to be cleaned regularly. If you leave them too long, they will accumulate grime, grease, and burnt-on food particles, which can harbour germs and make the cleaning job much more difficult. Aim to wipe down your appliances after each use and perform a deeper clean roughly once each week to ensure they always remain in the best condition and work efficiently.

Not Caring For Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are an essential kitchen tool that tend to be used most days. However, did you know that cutting boards can spread harmful germs and bacteria if you don’t disinfect them properly? After each use, rub your cutting boards with salt and lemon pieces. The salt makes the cleaning process abrasive, which can help ensure all stuck-on pieces are removed. The citric properties of the lemon will help you to kill germs with ease. This is a great natural cleaning solution to help ensure your cutting boards are always safe to use and kept in good condition.

Using Harsh Chemicals on the Countertops

Certain countertop materials, such as wood, natural stone, or synthetic materials, could be sensitive to harsh chemicals. If you use harsh chemicals on these materials, it could lead to staining, etching, discolouration, or dulling. Instead, you should choose mild cleaning products for these surfaces. You should also avoid using abrasive cleaners on the countertops to keep them from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged. When using a new cleaning product, always test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t affect the surface in any way.

Final Thoughts

We all use our kitchens every day. However, with our busy modern lifestyles, it’s easy to overlook some of the elements of your kitchen. By keeping on top of certain routines, you can ensure that your kitchen is always kept in the best condition, and you can make sure your family remains safe and happy when using the kitchen space.