UK Transport Awards 2020

14 SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2020 , Junction 17 Cars Best Prestige Car Dealership Group 2020 - East Anglia Feb20113 Contact Information: Company: Junction 17 Cars Contact: Harrie Lambert Website: From BMW to Bentley, Audi to Aston Martin, and Mercedes to Maserati, there are no shortage of prestige cars in the world. There are brands whose very name is synonymous with prestige and luxury; to drive a car from one of these brands is a dream for many. For some, it is even the epitome of having made it, owning a fancy car that they can be proud of. Junction 17 Cars specialises in helping customers realise that goal, offering luxury and prestige cars from all over the world. Having accrued experience and knowledge within the luxury car industry for more than fifty years collectively, the family team at Junction 17 Cars provides only the highest levels of customer care, vehicle preparation, and quality service. These cars and the customers buying them deserve the best; Junction 17 Cars delivers that. Luxury cars come in all shapes and sizes, from brands all over the world. Just as each luxury car is radically unique and offers something different, so too is each customer in search of something unique for their driving needs. Where the Ferrari offers speed and elegance, the Land Rover is a bulkier, more powerful vehicle, though no less luxurious. Each vehicle that Junction 17 Cars takes care of and sells is a perfect example of the finest that the automotive industry has to offer. In order to ensure that each customer gets the perfect vehicle for them, there is a dedicated e-commerce sales services alongside the inhouse sales team. E-commerce continues to stand out Junction 17 Cars as different, utilising the technology to sell cars on the Internet that is backed up by a dedicated, thorough, and quality delivery service to the customer’s door. Ensuring each customer gets a one-to-one service, there is constant communication throughout the process right up until the point of delivery. Buying a prestige car is one thing, but keeping in pristine condition is another thing entirely. That is why the team at Junction 17 Cars also offers a dedicated aftercare service following the delivery process to ensure that customers can ask any questions they may have, as well as peruse a selection of products and services to help protect the car. These products and services include Alloy Gators Wheel Protection, Lifeshine Paint Protection, and the very best in Premium Warranty plans. Over the last ten years, the automotive industry has changed a great deal, especially given the introduction of the Internet and other technologies. Gone are the days of picking up the local newspaper to find a car. Now, there is a constant battle between local dealerships Just to the south of Peterborough, in the heart of East Anglia, lies one of the region’s most exceptional car dealerships. A family-run prestige car dealership withmore than half a century of knowledge and experience, Junction 17 Cars is the perfect place for luxury vehicles, helping every customer tomake their dreams of owning a prestige car a reality. Following its award-winning success, we go beneath the hood of this well-oiledmachine to find out more about its exceptional services and range of vehicles. such as Junction 17 Cars and national advertisers such as AutoTrader and CarGurus, especially given the invention and rise of social media. Local dealerships can build better relationships with customers, as Junction 17 Cars has. This Peterborough-based dealership of luxury vehicles may have mastered the art of communicating over social media and establishing connection, but there are still challenges to overcome. Some of those major challenges include third-party finance options such as personal loans, competing with larger car supermarkets, private dealerships, lack of knowledge of the industry by the general public, and the impact of the review system. Increasingly, there are more people looking to post a negative review at the first view of slight inconvenience, but uninclined to post a positive review when the team at Junction 17 Cars goes the extra mile. In combatting these challenges, the team are seeking to capitalise more with campaigns pushing the education of the industry towards the public, making everything as transparent as possible without any hidden charges, thus turning the natural stereotypes of the industry on its head. Delivering these luxurious and prestige vehicles to customers everywhere, Junction 17 Cars is well on its way to expanding and becoming the best in the industry. As new branches are opening up in Nottingham and beyond in the United Kingdom, the desire to expand, streamline, and revolutionise the automotive industry is wholly evident in everything that this family run dealership does. Not only is it an exceptional place for luxurious vehicles that anyone would be proud to own, but it is also a fantastic example of how to deliver quality service that competes with the biggest players in the industry today.