UK Transport Awards 2020

SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2020 13 , Cambee Best Campervan Conversion Company 2020 Feb20452 Contact Information: Company: Cambee Contact: Matthew Burgon Website: A small team of just twelve people, Cambee aims to combine beautifully crafted retro VW interiors with the practicality of a reliable modern VW T5 or T6. People use campervans for all kinds of reasons and journeys, be it a practical home for a family of four, a romantic getaway for two, or a solitary home for a globetrotting traveller. Whether for work, pleasure, or both, campervans are a solid form of transport and an exceptional home for some. Cambee’s conversions marry the two together, perfectly blending the romance of traditional VW campervans with the modernity and sophistication of a world-class van. Cambee’s vehicle conversions go further, faster, and longer, especially those in the latest line of classics such as VW T5 and T6 conversions. Designed for today’s roads, Cambee conversions offer power steering, air conditioning, and heating capabilities for a car-like experience of comfort and safety. However, it is the interior work of Cambee that steals the show. Retro and colourful, the interiors designed are built with sustainably birch ply and Formica. Whilst function and longevity drive the design, there is no compromise on quality or aesthetics at any turn. Campervans are converted and built to last a lifetime, encapsulating the romance of a classic campervan. Marrying that romance with modern technology is not easy, but a feat that Cambee accomplishes with aplomb time after time. The robust, reliable, safe, and economical shell of the latest VW T6 combined with technology and so much more provides customers with a van they will love for years to come. Though the team may be small, their work is mighty. Every single aspect is given the same keen attention to detail from the team at Cambee, and every member of the team is wholly committed to meeting customer’s exact requirements for their beloved campervans. Understanding that customers want nothing but the best for their vehicles, Cambee is uncompromising in its desire to ensure that the results it delivers are truly built to last, saving clients on warranty claims and giving them the mobile home they have always wanted. Every design is aimed at being a win-win for both firm and customer. Over the last few years, there has been a continued growth in campervan sales, driven in part by uncertainty over the United Kingdom’s relationship with Europe and a desire to be able to explore Campervans are a critical part of British culture. For many people growing up, the campervan was a source of family time, travelling to beachside resorts and staying in because of the inevitable Britishweather. They are romantic, memory-filled places that can inspire families and friends to come together. Cambee understands this better thanmost, and has positioned itself as one of the UK’s leading campervan conversion companies, based in Buckfastleigh in Devon. the country. With the arrival of the VW T5 and T6, this desire has only grown. More and more people are realising that campervans can make an ideal first or second car, especially with the growing numbers of campervans on the roads in the United Kingdom at the moment too. More than reliable and viable, Cambee ensures its vehicles are sustainable too. Reassuring customers that the current T6 Euro 6 engine diesel is the cleanest engine there has ever been for campervans, the firm works to settle any doubts throughout the process whilst also looking at offering a fully electric alternative later in 2020. Sustainability is then maintained through a myriad of other methods, materials, and choices that the team at Cambee makes during the conversion process. Not only does this reduce the environmental cost of the firm’s work, but it also guarantees that the customer gets the best value for money. All of the timber that Cambee works with is sourced from sustainably-managed forests in Europe, and the energy comes from Ecotricy. Using recyclers for waste and efficient construction methods, there are few firms out there better equipped to handle any campervan conversion needs in economically and financially sustainable ways. As if that weren’t enough, Cambee is also introducing a carbon offset scheme for the build of its campervans this year, and is encouraging its customers to continue offsetting their travel. The campervan is a beloved symbol of British culture, embodying our thirst to travel and explore the world around us. As the relationship with Europe becomes ever-more strained, there has simply never been a better time to get out on the road with a converted campervan, courtesy of Cambee, and see all the beauty that Britain has to offer. A modern picture of elegance, sophistication, warmth, and homeliness, these campervans are nothing short of brilliant.