Real Estate & Property Awards 2022

Real Estate & Property Awards 2022 BUILD 23 Best Specialist Apartment Project Marketing Consultant – Melbourne veering in a negative direction and are providing the services at the standard promised ” It is this attitude towards clarity and experience to work alongside most agents that allows LMP’s clients to achieve the greatest result for their property with limited stress. With “hands on experience” coupled with the inception of Digital Anthropology, Lara Moro Property’s bespoke digital marketing strategies are beyond compare. And, with its extensive wisdom and experienced team behind it, Lara Moro Property is able to influence more sales and purchases than ever before. Lara’s techniques are all based upon a foundation of 25 years in sales, and a marketing background, which has demonstrated what is possible and what actually works. She shares, “Whilst marketing focuses on leads and building customer profiles, sales focus on sales conversion. There is still this missing link in most development organisations from lead to sale that requires marketing to continue to push, and sales to understand when to step back and when to move forward.” By building on this experience, Lara guides Lara Moro Property to victory with each move made. Well aware that “it takes 6-8 months for someone to purchase an off the plan property,” Lara takes her expertise and uses it to create a space where people can reap the rewards of their efforts. “Developers and sales agents are paying big dollars to find those at the end of their buying cycle, when they could be nurturing them months earlier at a fraction of the cost and intrinsically being part of their buying process feeding them the information they need to make the right choice for them,” Lara was recognised in The Australian Business Journal in July 2021. She was named one of the 15 Australian Property Experts to Watch in 2021, and has now won Best Specialist Apartment Project Marketing Consultant in Melbourne, Australia. Lara is sure to reach even greater heights – and we look forward to seeing what she does next. Contact: Lara Moro Company: Lara Moro Property Web Address: uying or selling property can be a difficult endeavour that requires a lot of commitment, experience, and patience. Here we have found an Australia-based business making the difference it wishes to see in the world. Founder, Lara Moro, tells us, “Lara Moro Property offers professional consultancy services relating to all areas of property buying and selling.” When buying or selling a property, Lara Moro Property offers its honest opinion and help for individuals and developers across Melbourne. Lara Moro Property uses its 25 years of experience to offer professional advice along with sales and marketing strategies that will inevitably guarantee the sale of the property, quickly and effortlessly. Lara has built strong relationships with key developers and is often able to offer her clients first pick of new development stock. When defining its USPs, Lara tells us, “Working through years of sales, strategies used are quite bespoke as we include the use of both innovative data driven tools along with some relevant old school tactics. Most project marketers use the same media toolkit and rinse and repeat for new projects with high importance placed on manual involvement. “Aligning with our affiliate data company “Digital Anthropology” and with what we already know about various buyers, we are able to distinguish and predict variable customer journeys for each of our target customers to ensure that we provide them with everything they need at the right time being by their side through their buying stages.” By working alongside their buyers/sellers wishes and goals, Lara Moro Property’s team is able to deliver exactly what is expected of them – and more. Their knowledge of the surrounding market means that they can offer expert advice and insight within their realm – marketing that will always result in the best sales and purchases. Lara Moro Property’s mission is to present each buyer with all the information they need to make a well informed decision. Lara expands on this by telling us that she works hard to present all of the information available – to be totally transparent and informative. “I have been working more strongly lately as vendors advocate, guiding sellers to choose the best agent for their property and aligning with the agent to ensure the agent is not Buying and selling a property can be a troublesome time for any individual and the key to any successful development, but here we have found an agency with a very experienced and unique approach. Lara Moro Property is an independent agency with a passion for progressing the industry . We talk to Founder, Lara Moro, about Lara Moro Property’s impeccable success as she wins this incredible award in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2022. B Oct22263