Real Estate and Property Awards 2021

Real Estate and Property Awards 2021 BUILD 27 ounded over 11 years ago and operating across the UK and Europe, Elogbooks FM Ltd built its reputation as an electronic building logbook system and now provides a suite of products in the Computer Aided Facilities Management space (CAFM) for the facilities and property management industry. The unique solution combines both software and a specialist 24/7/365 property service desk. As the founders are all ex-facilities management professionals, they understand how demanding and complex the industry has become. As such, they were well-informed of the frustrations and challenges faced by both managing bodies and service partners in the delivery of facilities services and compliance. Ultimately, they endeavoured to bring positive disruption to a market that had been stagnant for some time by combining people and technology to deliver a more transparent platform for Facilities Management. Built upon an internal culture of Innovation, Ownership and Partnership, Elogbooks aims to be a seamless part of their client’s delivery solutions, irrespective of whether they have large or small portfolios in the retail, commercial and residential space. With this in mind, their products can be used as stand- alone solutions and services but can also be combined to offer the ultimate end to end compliance solution, if required. They are passionate about ensuring qualitative data is reported both through the functionality of the system, which is also achieved by utilising the service desk and administrative teams to help chase inbuilt alarms, guaranteeing a robust and powerful solution. Elogbooks’ core mission is to drive FM automation and digitalisation for their clients through strong working relationships that promote collaboration with all parties through ideation and user forums. This helps keep the software at the forefront of evolving technologies, making Facilities Manager’s jobs easier, by creating efficiencies, reducing risk, improving compliance, ensuring they in turn deliver the best service to their respective clients and customers. Elogbooks is also an integral part of Marlowe Plc’s Software, Risk & Compliance Division – a UK leader in technology-based compliance products and services. This envious position and support ensure their aim of broadening, strengthening, assisting, informing, and digitising all commercial regulatory compliance to guarantee the safety of their client’s businesses and people.The simplicity of their solution has allowed Elogbooks to make it highly engaging and useful for their clients, who are also able to operate the system close to hands- free due to the support of their service desk which means that Elogbooks can operate at a scale and cost which others aren’t easily able to achieve. Following their well-deserved recognition in the 2021 awards programme, we spoke to Elogbooks FM Ltd about their extraordinary achievements, core values and growth. F Recently, they developed an occupier engagement platform to help clients improve services to tenants. The platform helps capture and automate some of the building management tasks like amenity bookings and visitor management, but also serves as a good way for client teams and tenants to engage with each other to create an extra sense of community in the building. Elogbooks knows that software must be intuitive and easy to use, so the development of their app, as a primary interface used by people on the move, has been well engaged. Elogbooks 24/7/365 service and software solution was able to support clients, allowing them to adapt quickly, quietly and without disruption to the challenges faced by the pandemic, ensuring there was no break in service delivery to their respective customers. Moreover, conscious that flexible working may be here to stay, Elogbooks were able to create useful tools such as a ‘touch free’ visitor sign in portal. Elogbooks’ combination of people and software meant they were also able to use human intervention to prioritise and adapt their processes to better suit their client base during the lockdowns, stepping in to fill gaps left by disruption in other areas of their customers supply chain. Further, as remote monitoring becomes more common place - communicating with occupiers whether they’re in the building or not- it’s imperative the Elogbooks remains the benchmark in FM solutions by continuing with the exciting development of their smart buildings/internet of things (IoT) platform, improving things like predictive maintenance models, to help clients reduce maintenance spend and using AI to help improve the way the system handles compliance documentation. It seems inevitable that the trend of improving the digitalisation of buildings, services to occupiers, and more flexible working will only heighten the requirement for innovative products like Elogbooks on behalf of their customers and occupiers, to continue to develop and evolve. Company: Elogbooks FM Ltd Website: Contact: Ross Somerville | [email protected] Oct21606 Most Innovative CAFM & Service Desk Solution 2021 Elogbooks FM Ltd