Real Estate and Property Awards 2021

BUILD Real Estate and Property Awards 2021 26 had to think outside of its traditional approach to property management to address the ever-changing landscape between the decline in occupancy rates in the City of Philadelphia where students and younger professionals were returning home to live with their parents while working and learning remotely and the potential loss of income amongst residents in the suburban markets. Through constant communication with its residents by all members of the Investco team, Investco was able to maintain occupancy rates within the city and achieve double digit rent growth in the suburban markets. Investco worked diligently to assist its residents with obtaining available subsidies for rent until they regained employment. In all, whilst the end game is to be a leader and a figure of excellence within the industry, with its approach to service, Investco’s overall aim and ethos are to work together as a family. Overall, they want to promote its familial culture, traditions, and generational knowledge to provide an unparalleled quality effort in the market. Company: Investco LLC Name: Paul McLean Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct21082 nvestco works diligently and innovatively to maximize asset values and deliver consistent returns to its investors while maintaining residents’ high-quality apartments. Currently, the company manages over 60 properties and is working on closing out its sixth fund, which is comprised of five assets in the Delaware County area. In Q4 2021, the Company formed its Single-Family Fund which will acquire 250 single family units over the next few years. Investco feels the Single-Family assets are incredibly accretive from an investment and overall return perspective. In addition to the Single-Family Fund, the Company has started its raise for its seventh fund focused on acquiring multifamily assets in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. They have its first asset with this Fund under contract and are projecting to close in January 2022. The Single-Family Fund and Fund Seven is the Company’s primary focus for Q1 2022. Investco made its first acquisition six years ago, initially focusing on smaller assets, one-to-four-unit buildings in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. However, over the past couple of years, the company has been acquiring 10–35-unit multifamily deals in addition to continuing on their track of acquiring smaller unit deals. The company self-manages all of its properties with a phenomenal team of individuals that is focused on results. Although the acquisition costs for multifamily assets have risen substantially in the last two years, Investco has still been able to acquire several premier properties and obtain substantial rent growth by implementing its value-add approach to renovations and turns. Moreover, the Company has secured attractive ten- year financing adding to the overall returns for their portfolios. Overall, the Company’s mission is to capitalize on asset value while maintaining consistent returns to its investors and maintaining high-quality apartments for its residents. The company remains a family business and is very focused on culture while still maintaining an institutional approach to managing its assets and investments. The Covid-19 pandemic brought additional challenges for Investco as it did with the multifamily industry as a whole. The Company Best Residential Real Estate Company - Eastern Pennsylvania Investco, recognized as the Best Residential Real Estate Company within Eastern Pennsylvania, is a privately held company formed to provide friends, family, and smaller investors the opportunity to invest in lucrative real estate ventures. I