Real Estate and Property Awards 2020

Real Estate & Property Awards 2020 BUILD 5 When providing mortgage valuations, it can sometimes find that the need to make the bank a priority is exactly that, because their work could easily disappear if they find a more reliable provider. Now that Gold Crest Surveyors has focused and decided to concentrate its efforts on solely the RICS Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys, it can also focus all of its attention directly on the clients and thereby provide the best possible service. Ensuring that the client has the best service possible is a key part of the service that Gold Crest Surveyors provides; anything less is simply unacceptable for the firm. This desire to see the best outcome achieved every single time has helped the firm maintain its outstanding reputation and ratings online. Throughout its history, Gold Crest Surveyors has taken on some truly interesting projects, some of which have come with their own unique challenges and goals that the team have become particularly proud of. Whether it be a fascinating old rectory or converted church that is brimming with history, or Victorian swimming baths that hark back to a time long gone, Gold Crest Surveyors gets to work with some of the most inspiring buildings in British architectural history. One of the most interesting and exciting recent projects that the firm has undertaken includes carrying out a building survey on Nechells Baths in Birmingham. The baths were built in Edwardian times, and the building itself is incredibly ornate. The Edwardians spared no expense when it came to building their baths, and there are beautiful stone carvings to the exterior with large ornate towers and a grand entrance. Internally, the grandeur continues and decorative marble and tiling can be found throughout the entirety of these Edwardian swimming baths. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the building itself is listed as Grade II, with much of its original architecture having been preserved as it was when it was constructed, and although maintenance had been carried out, it has been somewhat lacking in the recent past, prior to the inspection carried out by Gold Crest Surveyors. As far as the work itself went for Gold Crest Surveyors, it was a mammoth task to survey these Edwardian swimming baths. Overall, it took two of the firm’s most experience surveyors a grand total of a week on site, and a further few days to write the entirety of the survey up. The surveyors inspected every single inch of the building, and were unfortunate enough to discover some serious structural issues present in the architecture. They also provided an extensive list of general repair work that would be required for the swimming baths and building, which came to a total cost that was truly staggering and unbelievably eye-watering. Cost of repairs would inevitably be inflated as the building is listed at Grade II, but unfortunately, the client was not able to proceed with the purchase of the Nechells Baths building despite its overwhelming beauty and rich, cultural history. However, it was better that the client did not proceed if they did not have the capital to fund the repairs and see them carried out to the highest possible standard. Yet, the story does have a happy ending for Nechells Baths. Recently, there has been the Nechells Regeneration Project set up, which has been created to save the building and there is now a day care centre and school operating there instead. Beyond the world of Nechells Baths and what the firm provides is the mission behind it, and why it has continued this mission since being founded. Gold Crest Surveyors has always focused on its singular mission; to become renowned as the best independent survey provider in the country. The pursuit of this goal has contributed towards its achievement, with the firm always and constantly reminding itself of the importance of brilliant customer service. That is what drives the success that Gold Crest Surveyors has achieved since its inception, and to this day, the firm will consistently go above and beyond the call of duty for its clients. It is wholly committed to also employing the right people, and nurturing its team to ensure a happy workforce. With staff that are keen to do the best job possible, the outstanding results should not be a surprise for anyone at Gold Crest Surveyors. Working in such a competitive industry, that of real estate and property, and of building surveying, it is important for Gold Crest Surveyors to differentiate itself by delivering more than just exceptional customer service. There are several key factors that mark out the firm as the best possible option for its clients, but chief amongst them is the fact that the level of customer service is second to none. The client is always at the very forefront of everything that the firm does, and that has never changed. As far as employment goes, the staff must always put the customer first and deliver the best surveying services that they possibly can. Gold Crest Surveyors always likes to employ surveyors who have had a background working in buildings before, to ensure that they have a practical and theoretical knowledge of property defects. Being able to have a hands-on examination of a property whilst drawing on a bank of practical expertise can be invaluable for surveyors in today’s working world. The firm has also invested heavily in technology, and has also built up its own in-house coding team that delivers the applications and software systems that are needed for Gold Crest Surveyors to be as efficient as possible.