Real Estate and Property Awards 2020

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2020 4 Aug20096 Best Building Surveys & Home Buyer Reports Provider - England here are many reasons why an individual or company might be interested in learning about the condition or valuation of a property. Arguably, the most common reason for learning a property’s valuation or enlisting the services of a property valuation firm is to do with buying a home or purchasing a property. For many people, that is where Gold Crest Surveyors come into the frame. Within the real estate and property space, the firm specifically focuses on aiding home buyers with the purchasing of their desired property. Over the years, it has specialised in RICS Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys, and also carries out private valuation works for various purposes, including probate and shared ownerships. This makes Gold Crest Surveyors different to any other surveying firm that is currently operating in the United Kingdom today. Most, if not all, of the other surveying firms that Gold Crest Surveyors competes with also provide mortgage valuations for various banks, and this is usually one of their primary methods of income. Gold Crest Surveyors used to carry out mortgage valuations once upon a time, but it has since decided that it would specialise in building surveying so that it could concentrate on providing the best possible service for its clients. By refining and honing its skillsets to focus purely on the world of building surveying, the firm has become even greater than it previously was. When carrying out mortgage valuations, it is difficult to also provide building surveys as well, as banks understandably want their work to be given priority over anything else. Whether buying a first or a last home, or simply working in an industry where the condition of a property matters immensely, getting a Survey on a property is absolutely essential. Valuations can determine mortgages. You will receive a Valuation as part of a mortgage offer but this is not a detailed Survey report. That is why it is best to enlist the services of one of the finest Building Survey and RICS HomeBuyer Report companies around; Gold Crest Chartered Surveyors. Having achieved success in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2020, we profile the work of the firm to learn more about it. T