Real Estate and Property Awards 2020

30 BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2020 Sep20499 Best New Build Development Company – London While this turbulent year has negatively impacted some businesses, others have risen to the challenge and become all the better for it. Born from a merger of two previous companies, Goldrose Sharpe Developments has shot to the top of the new-build development scene in London. ondon is a bustling centre of trade, one that is constantly changing its face under a churn of redevelopments, new buildings and renovations. Simply standing out in this crowd is an achievement, but to be named the Best New Build Development Company – London, as Goldrose Sharpe Developments have, is an outstanding achievement. Goldrose Sharpe Developments is a new property developing company based in London. They focus on the development of medium to large scale new-build projects. The company itself was established in 2020, as the result of a merger between Goldrose Investments and Sharpe Developments. Together, these companies have a combined 20 years of property investing and development experience in the UK market. This experience has helped to propel Goldrose Sharpe Developments into incredible success. Surprisingly, the two managing directors of the company are relatively young. Daniel Goldsmith turned 30 this year, and Paresh Chandegra turned 39. It is refreshing to see younger faces in the industry achieve so much. Since the formation of the company, they have had to navigate both Brexit and the current pandemic and have done so with tact and great business sense that is unexpected of such a young company. Prior to the merger, the two companies had worked on a series of joint venture projects together, covering both high-end residential properties and larger scale multi-unit new-build developments. The resulting success and synergies shared between the companies ultimately led to the merger and the formation of Goldrose Sharpe Developments. Currently, the inhouse team of architects, designers and builders are working on medium-to-large scale residential developments throughout the London area. The focus is primarily on the residential sector, but they have begun to take on mixed-use projects that contain elements of commercial utility. A few of the larger projects that Goldrose Sharpe Developments have taken on in central London this year have marked an important pivot in the way that they operate. Previously, they would hand development sites over to a principal contractor who would take the construction process from start to finish. However, having set up their own construction arm earlier in the year, Goldrose Sharpe Developments is now fully capable of handling a project from the very beginning up until completion. Interestingly, where many businesses pulled back, reduced expenditure and scaled down, the COVID-19 pandemic saw Goldrose Sharpe Developments expand. It gave them the chance to double-down on the internal restructuring, allowed them to expand to triple their staff and move to a larger office. Of course, a company is only as good as the staff that make it up. Goldrose Sharpe Developments cultivates a culture of openness, adaptability and determination. When looking to hire, they only go for the brightest and most passionate individuals with a strong character, diverse background, and tolerant nature. Expanding the business so quickly has allowed them to choose a team that reflect the virtues that the company wants to uphold. Currently, the company is putting its talents towards two very exciting projects in the Stoke Newington area of Hackney. The two nine-unit boutique style developments offer residents spacious loft-style apartments in a very central location close to Hackney Downs park. The properties are expected to complete in Q3/Q4 next year. Goldrose Sharpe Developments is also proving they are capable of taking on ever larger projects with another 22 unit new-build scheme in the pipeline in Croydon and are looking for additional sites over the next six months. Company: Goldrose Sharpe Developments Contact: Daniel Goldsmith Website: L