Real Estate and Property Awards 2020

29 Real Estate & Property Awards 2020 BUILD Aug20033 or many years, homeowners, and those looking to buy or rent a home, have been forced to choose between the traditional high street agent and the national online suppliers. Both bring their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, with the high street agents offering a wealth of local experience, while the online providers give people immense convenience at every stage. Bonds Estate Agents combines these approaches to bring cus- tomers the best of both worlds. The expertise of a local agent cannot be ignored, but the benefits that the internet and an online platform can bring are invaluable in this day and age. By taking the time to pool the resources that are available, houses that are sold by these agents reach the right buyer much more quickly, without the hassle of expensive upfront costs or fees. The team have always championed an environment that inno- vates in terms of what a small firm can provide, and this has allowed them to access new opportunities that set them apart from the competition. Bonds Estate Agents’ use of immersive 3D technology is something that provides a house viewing experience like no other. Instead of a long and complex series of pictures, Matterport technology allows customers to walk through a house, exploring it from a series of viewpoints. It is just like being in the room. The option to present a house in this way is something that could only be achieved by a small firm working with big ideas. The impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market has been marked, but the team at Bonds Estate Agents have made provisions to not only keep people safe as far as possible. The use of technology here is what has earned them their award for innovation in BUILD’s Real Estate and Property Awards this year. Throughout the pandemic, the team have pushed for the use of virtual viewings, using a combination of self-guided tours and virtual appointments to show people the place that could be their dream home. Using technology in this way is not an ideal solution – the team at Bonds Estate Agents advocate seeing a property in person if possible – but it offers a way forward in challenging times. Most Innovative Independent Estate Agents 2020 - South England COVID-19 has created new challenges for estate agents around the world, with social distancing and lockdowns making the sale and purchasing of properties trickier. Finding new ways to work has been a vital step. Bonds Estate Agents is a crucial link, offering customers and clients new and innovative ways of working that could stand the test of time. Recognised in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2020, we take a look to see how this business has manage to thrive during these challenge times. F As an option, it allows viewings to be seen around the clock, it allows the homeowner and the potential buyer to discover more about a property in a more authentic way, and it allows the homeowner to present their home exactly as they wish. This, naturally, brings its own challenges when it comes to poten- tially misleading viewers into only seeing certain aspects of a property. Bonds Estate Agents has committed to using the latest tech- niques to sell houses and ensure that the property market can continue operating throughout the crisis. The team’s potent combination of local knowledge and state of the art technology is what has allowed them to achieve such incredible success. Company: Bonds Estate Agents Contact: Daniel Bond Website: Email: [email protected]