Q4 2023

BUILD Q4 2023 17 Best Sustainable Pool & Hot Tub Construction Company 2023 - Chile Smartbuilding Spa goes by the formal name of Tecnologías Eco-Eficientes para La Construccíon. This translates to “Eco-Efficient technologies for Construction”, which is exactly what the company prides itself on providing. By endeavouring to Offer cutting-edge, innovative, and sustainable solutions for use in the construction industry, the company is one of the first sustainable construction retailers in Chile and indeed the entirety of Latin America. Smartbuilding is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, with the company being started back in 2013. We speak with Francisco Zeising, to find out more about the business’ commitment to a sustainable, high-quality approach for every project. Upon commencing operations, Smartbuilding initially offered customers electric floor heating solutions, but rapidly began to expand its horizons, providing services centred around the thermal encasement of structures, primarily for the purposes of residential use. Since then, the company has continued to innovate from the forefront of the industry, perfectly balancing new methods and technologies with the tried and tested traditional elements of construction. It is the Smartbuilding mission to offer a onestop shop solution for customers, engineers, architects, project managers, and more, all of whom can find the best services and products from sustainable market suppliers. This is evident in the company values, which also focus on expertise in sustainable construction and balancing the economic side of the business with sustainable impacts. The company has also delivered robust sales channels in the areas of B2C and B2B, with an expert sales team counselling all clients on how to improve their levels of sustainability. One way that this can be achieved is through Smartbuilding’s products, with thermal encasement solutions inclusive of USTUCCO, a multi-insulating plaster, and SMARTAIR, the company’s famous solar-powered air extractor device. USTUCCO is an inorganic material coating, which maintains the qualities of traditional stucco while eradicating some the disadvantages. It repels moisture, is not brittle, is fire-resistant, and lightweight, covering more than seven times the amount of space than a traditional stucco bag. Specifically in the field of sustainable pool and hot tub construction solutions, Smartbuilding offers their own brand of heat pumps named SMARTPOOL. Additionally, the offer customers an exclusive system that is designed to maintain the water of pool or hot tub with a timer and water sanitization system that reduces considerably the impact of chemicals on people and containers, especially wooden hot tubs. Also, they have designed a proprietary SMARTCONTROL to manage the water pump separately from a pool or heat pumpotimer. In addition to this, SMARTPOOL offers the highest COP (Co-efficient of Performance) on the market, meaning even higher savings for its customers. In addition to the pool technology, similar excellence is available through the SMARTTUB system, which enables clients to enjoy their outdoor space relaxing in a hot tub with water of the perfect temperature, all with the lowest maintenance costs. Thanks to the product consuming only renewable energy, the impact on the environment is incredibly low, and the level of convenience on offer is unprecedented, as there is no need to have the hot tub up and running for hours before it is a suitable temperature to enter. Smartbuilding has been able to succeed in its aims through adopting a methodology of deep study and a certainty that the solution it offers is the best one. The company always builds trust with its customers, being honest, transparent, and consistently providing successful results. Further separating the business from its competitors is the high-quality product standards it upholds, providing solutions that are not only the best, but perfectly balanced in price and performance. Recent years have seen exceptional growth in the residential project development market in Chile, and the demand for housing always exceeds the amount. The Chilean construction industry is one of the best in the world, given the country’s seismic condition, but historically, there has never been an emphasis on the quality of living and the environmental impact of projects that are undertaken. With the government working on legislation to monitor and improve the quality of living and environmental impact, developers now have strict rules to follow. For Smartbuilding, this is a welcome change that implores change for the better and can ultimately change the ecosystem of the country and point in a direction of sustainable development. Even as laws change, Smartbuilding has remained grounded in an innovative and environmentally beneficial approach from the beginning, and as Francisco explains, “Our company is endeavoured to become a leader and reference, so we can share all our experiences and information.” Contact Details Contact: Francisco Zeising Company: Smartbuilding Spa Web Address: https://smartbuilding.cl/