Q4 2023

BUILD Q4 2023 15 Chamberlaine Cleaning Services is a Central London based company on a mission to redefine the UK’s cleaning service industry, revolutionising the concept of cleanliness while delivering immaculate, chemicalfree working environments and ensuring a combination of cleaning excellence and superior customer care. A commitment to succeed in this mission is what drives the team to continuously explore innovative, creative, eco-friendly solutions that exceed expectations and are kind to the planet. We speak with Managing Director, Morten Elstrup to tell us more about the company and the ‘Chamberlaine Way’. Best Environmental Cleaning Company 2023 – Central London Contact: Morten Elstrup Company: Chamberlaine Cleaning Services Ltd. Web Address: https://www.chamberlaine.co.uk/ Chamberlaine Cleaning Services has come a long way since its in inception in 1978, when it offered only window cleaning services to a selection of small businesses and homeowners. It was in these early years that the business had only modest goals, to provide a great service and build a strong reputation for delivering high-quality service complete with integrity, consistency, and value. While these admirable traits still underpin the ethics of the business, the team know that in this modern world, great service is not enough, and care must be taken to guarantee a mindful approach is taken towards managing the environmental impact of the service, the duty of care to teams, and the wider role the business plays in the community. This has led to the implementation of Chamberlaine’s ‘Embrace Now’ plan, which allows the company to offer the same exceptional service but in a way that adds value to society and does not harm the planet. Chamberlaine is determined to make a difference now, aware that it is these actions in the present which will provide the legacy for future generations to come. Through its use of only environmentally sound products, equipment, and methods, as well as the holding of a BSI ISO 14001 accreditation, the dedication to sustainability the business has is reflected in the service provided and in turn enhances a client’s own green footprint. It is Chamberlaine’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy utilising the latest and most environmentally beneficial eco-efficient cleaning products that ensures the offices of its clients are always meticulously clean. The team uses pro-biotics that are cradle2cradle accredited, which vastly enhances the level of cleanliness they can offer to their clients. Although the environmentally friendly processes the team have embraced benefit clients and the planet immeasurably, it is ultimately the ‘Chamberlaine Way’ which has been integral to the company’s continued success. The pillars of Chamberlaine’s approach remains its people, and their dedication, belief, skill, and customer-first philosophy, combined with a drive to benefit the environment, which has shaped its reputation and will ensure future growth. At the heart of the ethos of the business sits a choice selection of top priorities and values which guarantee the best possible experience for staff as well as the highest calibre of service for clientele. The first of these is excellence, with the team priding themselves on delivering the highest quality of cleaning service determined to exceed customer expectations at every turn. This is always underpinned by a keen sense of integrity, with Chamberlaine developing authentic, respectful, and understanding relationships with its customers, earning their trust through action. It is the strong sense of teamwork that makes the upholding of these values possible, with staff working together harmoniously to combine their resourcefulness, honesty, and intuition to achieve shared goals and always deliver outstanding results. Finally, it is an undercurrent of innovation which drives the business forward, with a passion for sustainable work and life motivating the team at Chamberlaine to continue to understand and explore the latest in eco-friendly technology, products, and solutions. Chamberlaine also goes above and beyond meeting obligations through its dedicated and independent quality control team, who rigorously inspect the work done to make sure it adheres to the high standards expected. The company is committed to exceeding these standards, and a contract retention rate of more than 98% solidifies the ability of the business to deliver on its promises and uphold its values with each and every contract. Similarly, Chamberlaine continue to achieve excellent retention of employee’s, by maintaining a high level of motivation through their training programmes and commitment to paying the London Living Wage. While a lot may have changed in the 45 years that Chamberlaine has been operating, its determination to whole-heartedly buy into a customer-first philosophy and deliver services which minimise the impact on the environment stand it in good stead to prosper well into the future.