Q4 2023

13 bidets. The brand has also taken care of accessories: there are even soap dishes and brush cups in the assortment. In the near future, Salini will also have mixers. Another pride of Salini products is the wide range of colours. Customers have a choice of 216 colours from the RAL Classic palette. In 1927, the RAL Institute (Germany) developed a colour standard for paint and varnish products. Nowadays, RAL Classic is the most popular palette for manufacturers who colour their products. Clients Salini’s main clients are wholesalers, sanitaryware showrooms, design and architectural bureaus, and private customers. The brand’s bathtubs and washbasins can be seen on the pages of prestigious interior design and architectural magazines. Now, it is discussing cooperation with developers who build premium segment flats and apartments. Salini has a special offer for them — the development of a unique product created to the needs of the client. At the same time, the production capacity of 5,000 square metres allows the company to work with large clients and fulfil large orders. Materials When Salini started working with artificial stone, it faced a number of disadvantages: high price, high weight, and low temperature resistance compared to acrylic bathtubs and faience washbasins. Fortunately, technology does not stand still. It was possible to solve some of the problems thanks to its own development and creation of original materials. This is how S-Stone and S-Sense composites were created. S-Stone is made of natural minerals and dyes made of natural pigments mixed with resins. In the production of this material, the advanced Solid Surface technology is used, thanks to which the structure of the products is completely homogeneous and additional coating isn’t needed. S-Sense is a material based on a mixture of marble chips and high quality polyester resin. The technology provides a decorative and protective coating of the products with premium gelcoat. In Salini products, the thickness of the gelcoat is greater than that of similar manufacturers, which prolongs the life of the product. If we talk about the differences between the two materials, the main difference is the possibility of producing sanitaryware made of S-Sense with a glossy texture, while S-Stone is available only in a matte version. At the same time, both composites are characterised by durability and impact resistance: being resistant to damage, temperature fluctuations, and corrosion, artificial stone will last for decades. Despite their artificial nature, all materials are eco-friendly: they are safe and do not emit harmful fumes. The sanitaryware is easy to care for, as S-Stone and S-Sense products are easy to clean and do not absorb odours or require special care. The bathtubs also heat up quickly and are pleasant to the touch. Brilliant 2023 The year 2023 was a year of recognition among experts. The first award received this year was the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category for the Luce range, consisting of a washbasin and a freestanding bathtub. Their appearance was designed by the designer and art director of Salini, Mike Shilov. The name of the collection translates as “light”. With this name, the creators wanted to emphasise the soaring design of the bathtub and washbasin, creating a sense of calm and serenity in the space. The idea was also appreciated by the Red Dot Award jury. They noted “the lightness of the shapes and the well thought-out proportions of the bathtub, which, with its relatively small size (only 170 cm), comfortably accommodates two people”. Also a pleasant surprise for the company was its success within the BUILD Architecture Awards, being named Best Sanitaryware Manufacturer – Italy”. The expert recognition confirmed that the brand is moving in the right direction. Mike Shilov Architectural and Product Designer Mike has studied and practised in the UK, Russia, and Japan, which has given him international experience and a global vision for design. His interiors are perfectly balanced, combining contemporary lifestyle with understated luxury. Mike’s works include furniture, textiles and sanitaryware. He collaborates with companies such as Arte Veneziana, Minotti Collezioni, Prianera, and Cisal. Mike is the winner of a number of international design competitions and has repeatedly been named within the “Top 100 Designers” list by Architectural Digest magazine. In 2016, the apartment interiors designed by Mike for Milan’s Bosco Verticale skyscraper were recognised as one of the ten best projects of the year by AD magazine. In addition to his main work, Shilov maintains a popular design blog and gives master classes in Europe. Collections One of Salini’s striking collections is Ninfea, which consists of a freestanding bathtub, a vessel washbasin, and a floor-standing basin. When the range was at the conception stage, the company imagined something fresh in the world of sanitaryware design. Salini wanted a bathtub that would surprise with its brightness and unconventionality, but would also fit perfectly into the bathroom space. For this task, it turned to the outstanding Italian designer, Maurizio Manzoni, whose design bureau is located in Florence. According to Salini representatives, they were attracted not only by his extensive experience in working with interiors, but also by his openness and desire to do something new and original. They made the right choice: it was a collaboration that resulted in the Ninfea collection. The design of the collection is based on the image of a waterlily. The bathtub and washbasin seem to float above the water like a flower. The floating effect is enhanced by an insert made of the unique S-Shine material, made of transparent or coloured epoxy resin. Salini continued its experimentation with design and ergonomics with the new Cascata collection. Despite its minimalistic and unusual appearance, the geometry of the bathtub is designed to relieve tension in the back muscles. In the near future, the Aria and Oriente ranges will be launched, which the company positions not just as comfortable sanitaryware, but as potential trendsetters. Plans This year, the company launched the production of bathroom furniture in test mode. The development of this area will be one of the priority tasks for the coming years. Salini listens to the needs of its customers, so its goal is to expand the range so that the bathroom can be fully equipped with the brand’s products. Salini also plans to expand to the east: its products will soon be available in the UAE. In addition, sales will begin in Armenia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. Strengthening of positions is also planned in Europe: in the coming years, the brand will be seen at prestigious design exhibitions in Italy. Company: Salini SRL Email: [email protected] Website: www.salini-srl.com