Q4 2020

37 Q4 2020 BUILD Jan20408 Debby’s Driving DJ+Plus’ Design Success BUILD Magazine seeks to highlight some of the best and brightest in the architecture and design worlds, and few are better or brighter than Dj+plus founder and director, Debby Chen. Having seen the firm be crowned 2020’s Most Innovative Design & Build Practice – Taiwan, Debby is poised to go on and achieve even greater things in the world of interior design for residential and commercial clients alike. We find out more about Debby’s work, and the work of Dj+plus as a studio. ebby Chen is the founder and design director of Dj+plus, and is leader to a team of talented design professionals who work in interior design, specializing in residential and commercial design for a myriad of project styles. Since the studio’s inception, the founding mission has always been to provide the best space design for unique individual end users to improve the quality of their daily life or space. Besides the outstanding design practice, Debby and the team at the studio also care deeply about the process of the ser- vice which it delivers. Everyone cares about the client’s dreams for their living or working space, and that feeds into the studio’s desire to create truly unique designs and outstanding levels of craftsmanship for different homes and spaces. As a team, everyone at Dj+plus keeps pursuing and acceler- ating its greatness through travelling, reading, and attending international design exhibitions, trade fairs, and annual events. Further than that, Debby ensures that the team maintains a great level of consistency and efficiency through its client communication. By communicating with clients at every stage of the process, the studio can ensure that the level of detail is nothing short of perfect. Every project also has an integrated look of elegance, regardless of whether or not it is a modern or neoclassical style. Those clients that Debby and her team work with include residential and commercial clients alike. Residential designs include such things as mansions and large homes for private clients, or for developer’s sample homes and lift lobby designs for apartment buildings chains. Commercial clients include the likes of international company offices, boutique shops, and restaurant designs. Regardless of the client, the approach is unique across the board. Whether it be a referral from an exist- ing or previous client, an Internet search, or design competition, clients know that they are getting the best of the best. Staff are crucial to what Debby has tried to achieve through Dj+plus, and they play an increasingly important role in generat- D ing more success for the studio. The team are always consid- erate and patient towards clients, working through a process of service that ensures both design and construction are executed properly. An abundance of communication and comprehension between team members enables the firm to also offer clients total clarity and understanding around their project. Yet, for all the success and diligence that Debby and the staff team show, there also challenges in the world of interior design that require the utmost attention. A rapidly-changing design market and ever-present competi- tion for commercial office design projects mean that the team at Dj+plus have to always be at the top of their game. The Taiwanese population are always developing a great sense of aesthetics for homes, and the potential for residential projects is now far greater than that of commercial projects for the studio. Challenge comes in the form of clients often comparing two or three firms alongside one another to determine which can best fulfil their vision. Fortunately, thanks to the tenacity and determination displayed by Dj+plus and Debby, the studio often comes on top and is able to deliver truly outstanding works of design brilliance. Ultimately, Dj+Plus is all about enabling clients to feel that the design reflects the atmosphere and the activities of whoever ever it is and whatever it does. Dj+plus is hoping to get more chances to execute the design projects worldwide and looking forward to working with international firms to deliver design/ de- sign and build projects in Taiwan together. They will also contin- ue to be different whilst maintaining the passion and excellence that has brought it thus far. Exquisitely balancing form, function and aesthetics, this superb studio is truly one of the kind. Contact: Debby Chen Tel: +886 225110728 #10 Website: www.djplus-design.com (Taipei, Taiwan)

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