Q4 2020

34 BUILD Q4 2020 Sep20545 Luxury At Any Cost Realising a vision for a property’s interior is never easy. It requires an approach that mixes the practical and the creative, unlimited potential and tight budgets. Esther Milardi of Di Oro Interiors Ltd combines both aspects to create the ultimate in indulgence for her clients, which is why she has been recognised as Best for Luxury Residential and Commercial Interiors, Cardiff in BUILD’s Design & Build Awards. we take a closer look at Esther and her work to see how she’s achieved such success. he beating heart of Esther Milardi’s approach is mixing the sophisticated and the functional into a gloriously complete whole. Her work appeals to an enormous range of clients from homeowners to investors, property developers to hotel groups. All are looking for a way to capture the spark of luxury within often tight budgets. For many, this ambition would be difficult indeed, but Esther makes it look easy. Her attitude is one of approachability and informality which keeps the creative juices flowing. By working closely alongside clients, discovering what they want, what they need and how much they can spend, Esther puts together an impressive package of solutions that often goes above and beyond what is required. When a client employs Esther to work on a project, they take on not only a fine interior designer, but someone with a passion for art and design that is inspired by the classical elegance and eye for detail of Italy. This approach guides a number of the decisions that are undertaken, allowing Esther to meet the needs of a client who wants an interior that will not age quickly, but will remain relevant for years to come. While Esther started work designing interiors for private investors and successfully staging houses for sale, she now offers a wealth of different services that serve clients with a host of different needs. For property developers, her work covers show home design, harnessing the full potential of a property. This means playing on Esther’s extensive knowledge of consumer trends and expectations, creating an appearance that not only captures a sense of space, but inspires people in terms of what they can achieve. Esther and her team provide and install everything to ensure the highest possible standards. The importance of a good show home cannot be understated. Appearance is everything, with people making quick decisions when it comes to requesting a viewing. Esther’s work is vital to ensure that a show home is not only seen, but that it is seen as somewhere that exudes luxury in every respect. For those who want a more bespoke offering, perhaps an update to a room or a property as a whole, Esther is also able to assist. She can provide solutions that set a room off just right, or which refurbish an entire property. No two clients are alike, which is why there is a range of packages to suit all T budgets. What does unite everyone who turns to Esther is the exceptional quality of results by the end of the process. Esther has built her reputation on the production of luxury. It’s luxury that is unlimited by the shackles of budget, placing ingenuity and determination at the forefront of the design process. This is why Di Oro Interiors has thrived, achieving astonishing levels of success. Company: Di Oro Interiors Ltd Contact: Esther Milardi Website: www.diorointeriors.co.uk

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