Q4 2020

33 Q4 2020 BUILD Going With The Flow Sarah Davies, Interior Designer, Soft Furnishing Expert and Founder of Floella Interiors, is on a mission to design happy and beautiful homes with soul. With over two decades in the interior design sector, Sarah knows what it takes to breathe life into a home, transforming a space into something designed wholly with the client in mind. Although unlimited by any signature design styles, there is one feature every Floella project capitalise on: colour. Known for her bold and bright approach to interiors, Sarah is truly making her mark on the Southern-England design scene. loella Interiors, named after Founder Sarah Davies’ two daughters, Florence and Ella, is the culmination of the things Sarah adores, from the name to the company’s founding mission; to create beautiful and happy homes that have soul. As an interior designer and soft furnishings expert with over twenty years of experience in the industry, Sarah is well-versed in designing homes that perfectly encapsulate the wishes, requirements and personalities of her clients. Her process begins with fabrics and colours, the latter being her favourite and most essential element in design, and one which she has explored the full capabilities of in making homes truly personal and sublime. After researching colour psychology and its impact on emotions and mental wellbeing, Sarah is able to employ her knowledge in creating spaces that make clients feel a certain way and have an authentic connection with their homes. Having curated years of experience and expertise of fabrics and soft furnishing design in London prior to establishing Floella in Cheltenham, Sarah also utilises these concepts in the foun- dations of her designs. From there, creativity flows freely, taking inspiration where it can but mostly working towards an environ- ment that is totally unique, unrestricted by a signature design aesthetic and often outside the client’s comfort zone. True excellence is in the details and a central element of the Floella process is incorporating vintage, heirloom and upcycled pieces that resonate with the client. Sarah’s work is not complete until the client feels totally at home in their surroundings. It is Sarah’s love for interior design that truly shines through the Floella brand and her genuine enthusiasm for creating homes that clients adore. Offering a range of services that covers everything from a virtual advice consultation to a complete, high-end bespoke home refurbishment, Sarah treats every client with the same respect and care and tackles every project with the same enthusiasm. Although realistic and down-to- earth, Sarah also wants to create an enjoyable experience for her clients, in which inspiration is truly allowed to run wild. The positive results are tangible, not just in glowing testimonials but in the new projects that are continually being generated by word-of-mouth referrals. Accompanied by effective social media campaigns and virtual presence, as well as participation at design trend events such as Top Drawer, London, Floella is F Sep20509 carving out its niche on the UK design scene. Although still a solo operation, Sarah has been building her network of decora- tors, fitters, upholsterers and more as part of her efforts to build her reputation as an expert creator of spaces that feature only the highest quality of materials. Although Floella, like many businesses across the UK, was faced with its fair share of challenges with the outbreak of Covid-19, Sarah was quick to consider how she could keep her creativity flowing and business activity moving. The results of a brainstorming session with a fellow business owner was her Virtual Design Service, a low-cost solution that was excellent for creating social media content and keeping clients interacting with the business, and a brand video that has opened up a whole new client base for Floella. The additions to Floella’s offerings are now enabling Sarah to look to the future of her company and consider how she can continue growth. Beginning with the appointment of a design assistant next year, Sarah has big plans for Floella. However, regardless of how much Floella grows and evolves in the near future, Sarah’s priority remains maintaining the company’s cen- tral philosophy: to create happy, beautiful homes with soul. Contact: Sarah Davies Web Address: www.floella.uk Email: [email protected] Facebook: @floellainteriors Instagram: @floellainteriors

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