Q4 2020

BUILD Q4 2020 16 Sep20188 continuation in the impressive career of Gerardo Mar- cos who, after training in London in the teams of the prestigious Norman Foster and David Chipperfield, and founding and co-directing CODA Arquitectura for five years, continues his professional career as founder and director of Maralb Arquitectos. For the team at Maralb Arquitectos, their mission lies in the creation of value in designs for the developer and the end consumer in conditions of constant innovation and economic, social and environmental sustainability. This unique approach translates in the firm’s constant search for efficiency in their projects in accordance to the interests of their clients and the unstoppable team that makes up Maralb Arquitectos. Aside from the innovative, dedicated and hard-working team that forms the foundation of Maralb Arquitectos, another factor which the firm holds dearly is their clients. From beginning to Sustainable and Innovative Designs Since their inception, Maralb Arquitectos has been dedicated to the design and development of both small and large-scale architectural projects. Today, the award-winning firm is committed to providing their clients with a quality experience through sustainability, innovative designs and new technologies throughout the construction and design process. Recently we profiled Maralb Arquitectos to discover more about how they have maintained an outstanding level of success for so many years. A end, the firm encourage that their clients are involved in the de- sign process, putting them at the centre of the entire process. In addition to this, the team incorporate various technologies, such as using virtual reality, into the process to help create a clear vision of what the finished project would be. The team work closely with clients, carefully listening to their ideas whilst truing to surprise them with new concepts which, at times, contradict their point of view. The end result? Maralb Arquitectos brings them “out of the box”, with the finished project more often than not exceeding their clients’ expectations. The recent pandemic has unfortunately caused countless nations turmoil, with business having to be closed and many becoming unemployed. In Spain, Covid-19 has hit the country incredibly hard. One business that has felt this negative impact is Maralb Arquitectos. Many of the flats and buildings that the firm have developed have been designed on a commercial basis. However, with lockdown forcing people to stay indoors, people realised that terraces, green areas, flexibility and many other concepts architects have been theorising for years actually do hold value. Now, many are seeking to incorporate them into their own houses. A trend that Maralb Arquitectos will certainly excel in implementing. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Maralb Arquitectos is beginning to include more collective projects into their portfolio of work, after having spent year solely focused on single family homes. For right now, the firm is working on a series of prefab but customised houses, in a process that the team like to call “standardised customisation”. Maralb Arquitec- tos believes in industrial process that can be implemented in a customised way to achieve a singular with the warranties and quality of industrial design. As Spain adapts to a new way of living, enquiring about reno- vating their personal space to be more accommodating, Maralb Arquitectos will continue their meteoric rise to success as they further establish a reputation as being one of the modular archi- tecture studio 2020 in Spain. Contact: Gerardo Marcos Company: Maralb Arquitectos Web Address: https://maralb.es/

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