Q4 2020

15 Q4 2020 BUILD Mar20037 Living in London Luxury London is home to some of the most luxurious living spaces in the world, from exclusive hotels to cutting-edge complexes that all encompass what it means to be living amongst the world’s elite. As one of 2020’s Leaders in Real Estate Investment Management, Concept Business Group (CBG) is a private real estate investment and management company that specialises in such luxuries. We take a closer look at the firm to find out more about its outstanding work and achievements. BG was first established in 2007 by chairman Mr Nicholas Trimmatis, who formed the group after working as an investor and developer in the luxury European property market for seventeen years. Following such an extensive, experienced, and established career in luxurious European property, Mr Trimmatis then turned his attention to London, and the wealth of opportunities presented by the city’s most affluent areas. Focusing exclusively on the areas of Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and Belgravia, CBG’s transactions portfolio includes and encompasses luxurious apartment buildings that epitomise the ideal of living like London’s elite. Whether it be exclusive hotels, office buildings, or cutting-edge commercial projects, each and every property that CBG is involved with has been designed and developed with pioneering and innovative techniques firmly in mind, and seamlessly fuse together traditional and modern styles. Back when Mr Trimmatis had just begun his work with CBG, its first major residential project was the development of luxury apartment buildings in some of London’s premier hot spots. Over the last thirteen years, Mr Trimmatis has overseen the successful completion of transactions well in excess of two billion pounds in the residential and commercial property markets. One of the firm’s most recent projects is focusing on the Beaufort Gardens, a truly stunning London square which CBG is hoping to regenerate and transform into one of the most exclusive squares in the United Kingdom. Ultimately, the work speaks for itself, with effortlessly beautiful and elegant buildings catching the eyes of everyone who passes them. Powerfully tall and imposing structures, these apartments typify what it means to live a life of London luxury C whilst tapping into the rich architectural history of the United Kingdom throughout the centuries. Each design is unique, and range from capturing quintessential Victorian Britain’s elegance, to the modern sophistication of today’s London. Throughout every completed project, CBG’s desire to produce buildings of the highest kind and quality is evident, and the structural integrity is just as superior as the external aesthetics. Armed with his thirteen years of experiences steering the direction of CBG, Mr Trimmatis offers an impressive track record in global investments in luxury residential and commercial developments and investments, but he does not do it alone. Surrounded by a highly experienced senior team, Mr Trimmatis and CBG are supported by a comprehensive and far-reaching network of strategic and operating partners that focus their efforts on risk-adjusted returns within the world of London’s luxury apartments and living arrangements. Amongst those strategic partners are banking and financial institutions, business trusts, private equity funds, family trusts, and hedge funds, to name but a few. All come together to make CBG work, and work for a more luxurious London. London is a wonderful city to live in, positively brimming with architectural wonders at every turn. CBG is continuing that trend by delivering luxurious living areas for those eager to surround themselves with the very best. These fantastic buildings are the epitome of what CBG is about, and truly capture the essence of what it means to live in one of the most famous cities on Earth. Company: Concept Business Group Contact: Ross Langley Website: http://cbgworldwide.com/

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