BUILD Q4 2019

Q4 2019 BUILD 17 Aug19392 he world is changing. Technology, the great driver of innovation, is rein- venting the wheel for many industries across the global landscape. Where once traditionalist approaches reigned supreme, disruptors shake the very foundations of business, looking to reinvigorate stale sectors and breathe new life into long dormant areas. Yet, even the construction industry – which relies heavily on a standardised methodology and regulated uniformity – is reaping the benefits of new technology. None are more prominent in this environment, and for good reason, than VR and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). As Owner and Founder of Archend Visuals, Levente Redecky has his finger on the pulse of the construction and architectural arenas, seeing first-hand the very real impact of CGIs in the everyday work of his peers and clients. “I firmly believe CGIs are the next big thing in construction. I’m seeing more and more developers and architects utilizing the power of architec- tural visualization to boost their sales and marketing. It’s hard to overstate how much of an asset it is to be able to market properties ahead of completion, allowing for more interest to be generated once they are ready.” But, that’s hardly the only advantage to CGIs, or indeed even the most prevalent example. Architects in particular are har- nessing the latest technologies to help construction companies to better understand their projects before building work is initi- ated. “People generally have a hard time visualising 2D plans in their head, and this can often lead to mistakes on site. If you can show the construction team what the end result should look like they will most likely understand the project much better. Everyone is on the same page driving towards the same goal.” Archend Visuals have, since inception, looked to be a guid- ing light in this new design area, making considerable efforts to establish best practices in the industry, as Levente con- cludes: “Due to the nature of the work, the industry is currently populated with many freelancers. Whilst there are significant outliers, some of the work produced is of a lower quality and client service isn’t prioritised. Companies are popping up in The Virtual Future of Construction and Real Estate We spoke with Levente Redecky, Owner of Archend Visuals, to find out how CGIs are drastically changing the global construction and property sphere, and how they play a vital role in its future. T other markets that advertise using false imagery found online and offer super low prices. But, as is so often the case, you get what you pay for. We aim to be different.” Based in Slovakia, Archend Visuals is an architectural visuali- zation company that produces budget-friendly CGIs for property developers, architects and real estate agencies. Specialising in producing exterior, interior, bird’s eye, 3D plans, photomon- tages and 360 interactive panoramas, they have quickly built a formidable reputation in the up-and-coming CGI market. When it comes to the success of the company, Levente attrib- utes Archend’s client-centric ethos: “One of our core missions is to deliver something ‘extra’ to our clients. Archend was built on the back of trust for the client and trust in our process, as a result we built out a payment system which rarely involves down payments, so the client has no money on the table until they are happy with the work we produce. We’re not afraid of hard work or challenges.” 3D Computer Generated Imagery