BUILD Q4 2019

16 BUILD Q4 2019 May19600 uilding Information Modelling, or BIM, has been a constant element on the building and construction landscape for the last thirty years. As such, it has swiftly ingrained itself as a vital part of the greater construction process, used across every region and across a plethora of sub-industries. Yet, it is also an element that – even today – is frequently changing, adapting, and evolving to meet the newest demands, industry requirements and regulations. Ultimately, BIMCAP recognise the importance of BIM and serve to help their clients capitalise on the comprehensive implemen- tation of BIM in their projects, regardless of complexity, size or location. Whether it be clash detection, 4D/5D construction ser- vices, simulations, or facility management, BIMCAP have the skills and years of experience ensure a seamlessness during the entire project management phase. In addition, with offices in Amsterdam, Budapest and Hong Kong they are equipped to serve clients in some of the most important markets on the con- struction landscape: markets that are experiencing expansive growth and investment. Driving Innovation in BIM BIMCAP are, to use their own words, “the BIM capability company”. Utilising their undeniable expertise they provide a plethora of targeted and effective services across the BIM and construction landscape. Following their well-deserved success in the 2019 Design and Build Awards, where they were named ‘Leading Innovators in BIM Services’, we endeavoured to take a closer look at their history of success. B Moreover, by partnering primarily where necessary with architecture, engineering and construction firms, BIMCAP have curated a robust international network of companies that can – by all regards- be considered leaders of their respective disciplines, ensuring that clients only receive best in class solutions. All in all, BIMCAP excel at collaboration. Through uniting the various threads of the construction process into one manageable outlet they have swiftly differentiated themselves in a sector which often aims for complexity. In this, BIMCAP offers a refreshing alternative that simplifies where necessary and adds detail where required, bridging frequent information losses when projects are handed from stage to stage. For their efforts in advancing the field of BIM, BIMCAP were recognised as the ‘Leading Innovators in BIM Services’ – a title they seem almost uniquely deserving of. Company: BIMCAP Address: BIMCAP (Hong Kong) Ltd., Flat 1602 Chinacem Hoolywood Centre, 1-13 Hollywood road, Central, Hong Kong Website: Telephone: +31 20 419 6822