Q3 2022

36 BUILD Q3 2022 Jun22260 As the Most Outstanding End-to-End Property Investment Specialists, 2022 - North England, the Northern Property Partners Group has a reputation to live up to – and it does. The group provides an unmatched service that guides clients through the property investing process, and it even covers the fine details. In turn, the company has achieved a great amount over the past six years, and it is set to continue this success as the group develops. stablished in 2016, the Northern Property Partners Group is comprised of three sub-businesses: Northern Property Partners, NPP Developments and Changing Spaces Interiors. As such, this enables the group to provide an end-to-end service that supports the client without the need for third-party services. Specialising in properties in the North of England, the group provides tailored investment opportunities to clients both inside and outside of the United Kingdom. Its process is simple – beginning with Northern Property Partners, the business searches for an array of opportunities that are suited to its client’s needs. From there, the project is passed on to NPP Developments, who oversee any necessary changes to the property. Once the refurbishment has been completed, Changing Spaces begin to turn the house into a home, offering clients several different design concepts which the team expand upon. When the client is ready to begin renting out the property, the group introduces the client and their property to a premium letting agency or housing association. Indeed, the Northern Property Partners Group makes property investment simple, enabling its clients to delve in with minimal effort. It is, therefore, imperative that the group acts with integrity and transparency. This is one of the group’s fundamental values – it strives to never sacrifice long term good for short term gain, and it seeks to set the standards for good practice as investors and as a business. Additionally, whilst it may be an ‘investment’ company, it believes that investment doesn’t begin with the houses. Instead, Northern Property Partners Group believes that investing back into itself is the greatest investment that it could possibly make. E It’s primary focus, however, falls upon customer care. It is a crucial element in any good business. Henceforth, Northern Property Partners Group handles the big things and the small things, such as supplying kitchen essentials and setting up utilities. Northern Property Partners Group’s clients come in all shapes and sizes; however, they have one thing in common: they want to find a good, solid investment where they can take a hands-off approach with a team they can wholeheartedly trust. Of course, the team play an integral role in this process – they are also key contributors to the success of the group. Each team member plays a vital role within the business, be it in sourcing or admin. The team operates as a family, and this too is one of the group’s core values, and this enables them to work effectively and harmoniously. These bonds have been important for the quality of the service the group provides but it is also crucial in order maintain a positive working environment that the entire team can enjoy and look forward to coming into. Culminating in great success, these elements have pushed the Northern Property Partners Group to grow organically. Going forward, it hopes to continue this trend of growth, which, so far, has allowed it to employ more staff, offer more investments to clients, and expand into new markets. Contact: Jordan Clark Company: Northern Property Partners Group Web Address: northernpropertypartners.com Property Investment Made Easy