Q3 2021

39 Q3 2021 BUILD Apr21081 Mining to Manufacturing Marvels What does it mean to build natural stones into the very fabric of a building? To many, it encapsulates the essence of quality, placing nature’s foundations at the heart of a property. The team from Mar Gra specialise in bringing these resources to designers and architects across Australia, using an eye for quality that is unparalleled. Named Best Granite & Marble Supplier – Queensland in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2021, we thought it time to take a closer look. or the last thirty five years, John Gagliardo has worked within the natural stone industry, learning about every aspect from mining to manufacture. “Out of the Earth, Out of the Ordinary” is his firm’s motto, and needless to say, this comprehensive and holistic approach has allowed him to discover the best way to find the marbles and granites that people need, as well as the best way to apply that knowledge to those who build truly outstanding properties. Situated in Moffat Beach on the prestigious Sunshine Coast, Mar Gra services not only south east Queensland, but far beyond. They are the ideal partner to work with because they are a one-stop-shop, capable of tacking any difficulty that may arise. The firm imports its natural stone directly, allowing its customers to select from a wide range of materials that the team is able to measure, manufacture and install. Because all of this is completed in-house, it’s easy to maintain the highest of standards throughout the development process. The team’s clients vary enormously, each with their own unique demands and expectations. Because natural stone is such a niche market, Mar Gra has become adept at adapting to the specific needs of each customer. The team have worked with both commercial and residential clients, manufacturing kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. Because of the firm’s notoriously high standards, apartment complexes, bars, offices, and restaurants often engage their services to bring their project to the next level. No company is complete without a guiding hand, and the guiding force of Mar Gra is family. This atmosphere pervades through every aspect of the business with employees considered part of the family too. As a result, the team is very strong indeed, offering friendly, reliable and trustworthy support to clients. The family atmosphere ensures that clients and suppliers feel welcomed and safe as well, creating bonds that keep Mar Gra at the forefront of the industry. For many, the world of natural stone is one which offers a timeless quality to a property, but the team at Mar Gra know that there is constant development in this field. The advent of engineered stone has had a massive effect on the industry. Silicosis is a major concern for the health of F stonemasons worldwide, and this disease has spread rapidly since engineered stone’s introduction. To ensure the health of employees, the team are always looking for new protective equipment and processes that can protect their health and well-being. When people think of Mar Gar, the phrase “Out of the Earth, Out of the Ordinary” really surmises their efforts. They offer clients something entirely natural and ancient, that adds quality and class to any project. Natural stone stands alone in building materials, being rich, colourful and alive in equal measure. It has been a mainstay of construction for thousands of years around the world. The secret of the team at Mar Gra has been to ensure that their passion for this work has continued to push the industry forward so that their clients can achieve their dreams too. Company: Mar Gra Pty Ltd Address: 173 Grigor Street West, Moffat Beach Queensland, 4551 Web Address: margra.com.au Email: [email protected]