Q3 2021

35 Q3 2021 BUILD Outstanding Team, Outstanding Projects Being the ‘Leading Groundworks and Civil Engineering Specialists’ for the East Midlands in 2021, Glympton Construction Limited has made a name for itself in being an exemplary force in its industry. Nominally, it has secured this by being both a pleasure to work with from the experience of its myriad clients, and a pleasure to work for from the experience of its diligent and talented team. ounded in 2016 by Sam and Robert Harding, Glympton Construction Limited was started to be a front-runner in privately owned and family run construction companies. Based in Leicestershire, and now with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry serving its market segment, it is a specialist in all elements of both groundwork and civil engineering for commercial and domestic clients. Fundamentally, Glympton Construction Limited takes pride in its quality from start to finish. Its values and principles as a business have forged the core of what its clients appreciate most about it, building strong relationships and securing long term, repeat business with its clients that is a fundamental part of its continued growth and success. Furthermore, Glympton Construction Limited takes great pride in the quality that characterises all of its services, and in keeping to the budget. When it works with its clients, it wishes for them to be able to rest assured that every element of their project will be delivered perfectly to specifications every time, working hard to keep its efforts within – and even under – the budget that a client sets at the beginning of a job. Its fencing, surfacing, groundwork, and civils are each done by the best in the business, as its team is made up of experts who have honed their craft over the years to be the best of the best, people who are also outstanding when it comes to customer service and empathic client interactions. This, after all, is what has allowed Glympton Construction Limited to build such strong and long-standing relationships with its clients. The resulting client roster is one that has built up naturalistically over time, as many of its customers come to it as a direct result of hearing about its work through previously satisfied clients, many of whom make it their one-stop-shop for the services it offers. Having garnered a myriad of exemplary F May21500 reviews as well as word of mouth testimonials in this way, it is able to secure this all-important return custom and secure its place as among the top of its industry, an element pivotal to continued growth in a sector that thrives on reputation. Moreover, Glympton Construction Limited is committed to continuing to do this with the consistent provision of first-class service. Whether big or small, it seeks to put each of the outstanding minds within its ranks to the task of solving any problems its clients encounter, resolving them with sophistication and resulting in a project that goes smoothly every single time. Similarly, it is also excellent at project management – this allows it to effectively wrangle projects and resources to ensure that its skilled labourers can focus on their own areas of expertise and ply them in an exemplary manner. Fundamentally, its management team understand that in order to achieve the highest standards of work, the people it puts to the task must have the best training. It is due to this have access to the best education and practical training available in the industry, cultivating a constant desire to upskill and improve that each team member internalises from day one. Glympton Construction Limited, in this way, shows how it is a people-first company, and how it is just as committed to the support of its staff as it is to the support its clients. Company: Glympton Construction Limited Contact: Sam Harding Website: glymptonconstruction.co.uk