Q3 2021

34 BUILD Q3 2021 May21549 Saving stress, reducing costs and minimising your carbon footprint. The company that has become heralded as the ‘Best for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Surveys’ in the UK for 2021, Arpenter’s work has carved it out a niche at the top of the FF&E consultancy field. he founder, Harry Littlewood, began working as a BIM Technician at one of the top FF&E Consultants in the UK where he began undertaking ‘Legacy’ furniture and equipment surveys at schools. Current funding means that schools are required to take as much of their existing furniture and equipment to their new building or refurbishment. By repurposing ‘Legacy’ furniture and equipment means that huge savings are made, however some surveys lack the detail and accuracy required and pose a great risk to the projects budget. Due to the lack of consistency and potential risks of using poor Legacy surveys, Harry wanted to make a change. He felt passionate that by enhancing the data and gathering more information, much more of the FF&E could be repurposed, not only providing a financial benefit to the client but a saving in their carbon footprint and preventing FF&E from going to landfill. At the age of 19 Harry decided to set up Arpenter – which translates to ‘survey’ in French. With his core values focusing on saving our customers time, reducing their expenditure, minimising their carbon footprint and diverting furniture and equipment from going to landfill. Fast forward 5 years, Arpenter are now the UK’s leading FF&E Legacy specialists providing the most comprehensive reports and management of Legacy of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) across multiple sectors including education, higher education, commercial and healthcare. Arpenter provide a full end to end move management service for our customers FF&E. The end-to-end process begins with an initial survey. This involves the team identifying and cataloguing every item before integrating the suitable items into Revit (a building information modelling software) showing the customer exactly where the existing Legacy FF&E can repurposed on a highly detailed 3D plan. Then, once the items are ready to transfer, the team barcode and scan them into their software to accurately track and transfer the items to their new location using Arpenter’s leading move team. Since Arpenter formed, they have worked on over 310 projects, generating over £42.5 million worth of savings for their clients, as well as preventing a colossal 7.5 million KG of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere by preventing unnecessary manufacture of new furniture and equipment. Arpenter have long standing partnerships with the top 10 contractors in the UK and leading FF&E consultants. This is a fast paced industry, with projects that can be outside of the ordinary and require international support at short notice, this is all supported by Arpenter at an extremely high level. T Legacy FF&E surveys are not just limited to the education sector and are extremely beneficial to any organisation that are moving to a new building, undergoing a refurbishment project or consolidating their estate meaning we regularly undertake surveys in other sectors such as commercial and healthcare, with an upcoming project in a major ICU hospital unit. Arpenter has worked with all manner of clientele such as the University of Salford’s new state-of-the-art £65 million Science & Engineering building. Arpenter were instructed to survey all the existing buildings assets, including supersonic wind tunnels, huge robotic arms and a flight simulator. With more than 12,000 individual items surveyed and assessed, the potential carbon saving of repurposing all these items and preventing the manufacture of is 638,955kg of Co2. This is equivalent to the weight of 319 African elephants! Arpenter provide the most advanced reports and management available for Legacy FF&E in the UK and are at the forefront in the Education sector working on the school/higher education new builds. End to end, inside out, Arpenter do FF&E Legacy like no one else. They oversee the entire process from start to finish taking this time-consuming task away from our customer and giving them time to focus on their expertise. From the initial survey, design/space planning, through to the move of the furniture and equipment into the new areas - they manage every element of moving your FF&E to your new location. Arpenter’s innovative bespoke software allows them to display their findings in interactive analytical graphs, displaying the large amount of data they capture in a simple easy to read format. They provide quality and accurate data giving their clients the clarity and confidence to make informed decisions on whether to repurpose their existing furniture and equipment into a new area, mitigating any risk on the projects budget. Arpenter embed the carbon savings against each individual item in their reports, showing the client the exact saving in KG by reuse of the existing furniture and equipment into new areas, preventing the manufacture and transport of new – contributing to net zero carbon targets. As Arpenter looks towards the future, their investment in quality training, reaching the UK’s first ISO accredited survey agency standards, and focusing on research and development into their services and environmental responsibility will be their upcoming priorities. Contact: Harry Littlewood Website: arpenter.co.uk