Q3 2021

24 BUILD Q3 2021 Jan21353 One to Watch for the Construction Industry Having made itself the ‘Leading Property Development Firm’ for London in 2021, Arco Developments considers where it will take its continually growing reputation for excellence next. With a solid foundation as a past, a promising present of myriad different projects, and a bright future ahead, the exemplary team that make up this firm are going from strength to strength in construction and development. A private sector residential developments company with a difference, Arco Developments was formed in 2013 to carry out the founder’s vision of creating an easily recognised brand. By doing this, it has made itself a developments and construction company appealing to a very specific target audience, using meaningful designs created by a skilled team with over 100 years combined years. Initially, team members Deme and David cut their teeth as high-end project managers elsewhere in the construction industry. Deme in particular became well-known in London for super prime residential properties wherein the primary focus was on the design, material, and quality of the finish. Elsewhere, David also focused on project management for high-brow real estate, but with a different angle – one that focused more on commercial fast track building fits – these took place primarily in the city centre, creating commercial properties of market leading quality, perfectly to specification and on-budget. Other team members in Greg and Terry have a background in another area of the field still, this time in Agency, working in tandem with influential figures in the market in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of planning knowledge. Arco’s collective focus is therefore one of combining each of these disciplines and knowledge pools to create the best property development business it can. Fundamentally, its core values specifically drill down into heightened thoughtfulness in its work, creating meaningful designs with enhanced spatial awareness, normalising the idea that creating buildings in synergy with the end-users’ lifestyle should be more prevalent. It seeks to create a way of living that can be valued by everyone living in the building.