Q3 2021

23 Q3 2021 BUILD May21652 Best Full-Service Architecture Firm - North Carolina An architectural services company that keeps the client at the heart of its business from start to finish, Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC, has earned the accolade of the ‘Best Completed Custom Residential Project: Colonial Craftsman’ for North Carolina. Furthermore, its work is of enviable quality every time, made possible by a bright and enthusiastic team led by one of architecture’s leading voices. t Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC, a client can take advantage of a wide range of services and proficiencies. Applying the principles of ‘think, design, execute’, its full range of architectural services go from conceptual design and 3D art to engineered construction drawing sets, ushering clients through a comprehensive experience that allows them to have their voice heard every step of the way. Fundamentally, Dawn Christine can support clients across all manner of industries and concepts, from high-quality residential buildings to new custom homes, or even developing a new concept and office space for a business – Dawn Christine is confident that no matter the client’s goal, the firm will be able to help. Initially, Dawn Christine starts the client interactions with a low commitment consultation so that the customer can get familiar to their design process. During this meeting they will meet the founder, the eponymous Dawn Christine; it is here that the firm encourages questions, comments, and concerns to be brought to the forefront, always excited to be challenged and to show off the true depth and breadth of knowledge within its ranks. Dawn herself is a licensed architect, having worked on a wide variety of properties that make up a very varied and universally exemplary portfolio of past work, able to apply nearly 20 years of industry knowledge to conversations about how to make a client’s idea come to life. Additionally, the small fee that this consultation covers will be credited towards the initial design services should a client choose to move ahead with the project using Dawn Christine’s services. The initial investment allows them an in-depth looking into the nitty gritty of how it works, after all, which is a critical step in figuring out if an architect is the right choice. Knowing this, Dawn Christine is dedicated to teasing out the intricacies and details of the project during this initial work, able to talk a client through exactly the stages of commitment that will make up the project and how it can carry out each element of their specifications in order to make it perfectly mirror their vision. Overall, design is a series of discussions that knit together that all important final result. Often this means that compromises are just another part of the process, with materiality and interior design knit intrinsically into the web of artistic composition that must be drawn together with the voice of the client as the core binding force. By ensuring that this is the case, Dawn Christine can reassure a client that their project will have spatial mastery, A a fluidity like no other, and efficiency of space, as well as aesthetic harmony with all other elements of the design in order to elegantly guide the eye. One of the ways in which Dawn Christine accomplishes this with such efficacy is with 3D visualization technology. This, first and foremost, is a powerful tool used to develop and redevelop each design, making it the best it can be through the resolution of complex rooflines and creating interesting forms that allow a space to stand out, visualizing both exterior and interior spaces. Dawn Christine can use this to give an in-depth vision of the future of the build to its clients, increasing the reliability and prestige that this firm has become known for, as its ability to recreate these models exactly is enviable. It also uses 3D rendering to envision finished materials, construction drawings that give construction workers an expert guiding document to work from, and animations to breathe life into the space before building has even begun. By ensuring that each client can have such an intimate experience during the design process, Dawn Christine becomes a friend and partner to each client; and it is with that hope that this architectural firm continues to cultivate new relationships with many more customers as it moves into the bright future laid out ahead of it. Company: Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC Contact: Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC Website: www.dawnchristine.net