Q3 2021

20 BUILD Q3 2021 Jun21204 Best Independent Architecture & Project Management Practice – East Midlands Indigo is a small independent architectural practice with a team of nine based in a Grade II listed barn studio in the picturesque setting of Darley Abbey. Established in 2016, the practice has grown organically over the years and works across multiple industry sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, heritage, education and various refurbishment and conversion projects. ndigo provides all the expected architectural services from feasibility studies, concept design, technical design, and further services in the procurement and management of projects as required by its clients, with projects being of all sizes, from simple private residential schemes to large commercial projects with values ranging from £25k to £20m. It works across multiple platforms in 2D and 3D environments and has a particular expertise in planning strategy. The company’s work is underpinned by a robust initial assessment of site and policy context for any new proposal and it is regularly cited for its meticulous approach in the early phases to ensure all new projects are developed with full consideration for all policy, site and design constraints. Indigo’s approach is to seek creative and elegant solutions, providing clients with the best interpretation of their brief with full consideration of how they wish to use the building and its spaces. It prefers to take full responsibility for coordination of all design activities and to support the procurement and management of the project, but equally work with all clients to tailor its service to align with their needs and expectations. Clients of Indigo are diverse, ranging from private individuals undertaking one-off projects to large organisations, developers and contractors undertaking projects with values from £50k to £10m across multiple industry sectors. Many have long-standing projects with or approach Indigo following recommendation by others, with a smaller section of clientele approaching through search engines and other such online services. Indigo’s experience and core principles set it apart from many of its counterparts. The Practice Director, Chris Baillon has worked in many roles throughout his career, from conventional architectural roles within small and large Midlands-based practices with further experience in project management at an international management consultancy, to experience in dual design and management roles in the education sector where procurement and other cost management tasks formed part of his day-to-day role and with further work on the construction side of the industry allowing full understanding of the complex supply chains, tender processes and construction processes onsite. Indigo therefore considers the cost, logistics and construction methodologies more acutely than many competitors and generally far earlier in the process to inform early design activities. It has many other consultants and contractors with whom it works that continue to comment on the quality of its work in allowing their onward activities to be undertaken with far more ease than many other architects they work with. I Indigo’s approach is underpinned by a desire to provide the level of service that each member of its team would expect to experience themselves and by a core mantra of delivering the best interpretation of the client’s initial vision without an architectural ego taking them away from what they set out to achieve. One client commented, “I’ve worked with numerous architects over the years but working with Indigo is a completely new concept. Indigo do not tell you what’s needed, they spend time listening and working with your requirements to give you a result that has everything you ever wanted, but with an individual stamp on the design. “Indigo spends time to work with your ideas to develop a great-looking and workable space. Their attention to detail is faultless; things that you don’t even consider, they have already seen it, worked with it, and then will provide three options on what looks best.” Indeed, the difference between good and bad design is the time and devotion invested in it. Indigo’s team is a mix of young and experienced talented architects who have a passion for what they do. There is no artificial hierarchy that dictates who takes the lead on more glamorous projects, no ego in the management team and everyone has the freedom to explore architectural ideas, working collaboratively to scrutinise solutions to see opportunities for development. Indigo looks ahead towards a bright future, hoping to continue with its existing portfolio and to welcome new clients as the year goes on. Whilst it works across all industry sectors, it is particularly enjoying its heritage projects and Green Belt projects and it hopes to develop this area of its work further. It has a strong level of experience within the education sector amongst its team, despite few projects in this sector being delivered through Indigo, so it would also like to see these developed further. The company is further excited to see a return to normal to allow clients back into the office as it misses the day-to-day engagement around the meeting table where so much more is achieved than through Zoom calls and emails. Contact: Chris Baillon Email: [email protected] Website: www.indigo-architecture.co.uk Indigo Architecture