Q3 2021

19 Q3 2021 BUILD Jan21060 Best Structural Engineering Consulting Specialist - the Philippines A structural engineering consultation firm operating with precision, professionalism, and industry-leading capabilities, Hnl Engineering has made itself a go-to solution for its clients. Working hard to offer exemplary interior construction, general contracting, structural engineering, and project management, it ensures each project is managed comprehensively and in an in-depth manner. nl Engineering is a construction consultation firm that offers specialist services in structural engineering, project management, and construction, with an office located in Quezon City in the Philippines that forges the epicentre of its operations. Its motto, beyond construction, tells all in how it strives to provide its clients with services ranging from interior finish construction to general contracting, and helps them through the process of a build in order to create an exemplary result that is perfectly to specification, every time. Furthermore, its expert team are highly professional – it is their individual acumen with their craft that has allowed Hnl Engineering to become such a going concern in its industry – guiding a project from concept planning all the way to completion. Hnl Engineering therefore makes itself the provider of choice for complete construction services. First and foremost, it prides itself on its ability to deftly control and manage any given job, ensuring that the right people are on the right tasks, and maintaining its hold over a project with its four separate divisions. By delegating its team into departments in this way it ensures that everyone has their own to-do-list that fits their particular set of skills, whilst encouraging cohesion and communication between the teams that keeps everyone on the same page during the project. Moreover, it for the most part strives to keep all such operations in house; however, Hnl Engineering is also highly proficient with working with a client’s own highly skilled craftspeople of choice, sometimes employing sub-contractors for very specific tasks that are required. In essence, there is simply no challenge that Hnl Engineering cannot rise to. Its founder, Engr. Hugo N. Lozanon, is the professional engineer who has been behind cultivating quality as the beating heart of this business, promoting a H progressive, respsonsible, and forward-thinking approach to his industry that has made him into a household name. He also reaches out to solicit clients personally. This means that he funnels significant effort into outreach, client interaction, marketing, and promotion, as well as all other aspects of running the busines, applying the exemplary education he earned from San Francisco State University in Civil Engineering in order to do so to great effect. Whilst he studied, he gained knowledge of construction and municipal planning when working on a variety of gas planning projects for a Pacific gas and electrics company, including an emergency planning system and an anti-corrosion system. In the year 1997, Engr. Hugo moved to Manila where he became a lead structural engineer, and then a project design engineer, gaining the experience that he now uses to ensure Hnl Engineering is providing its clients with the best service unfailingly. After all, it is his drive and passion that has driven the company to such great heights of success. As it moves forward into the future, Hnl Engineering looks forward to continuing to show the level of professional diligence and prowess that it has consistently proven to yet more clients, adding to its already stunning portfolio with yet more challenging and highly rewarding builds. Contact: Chat Fores Website: http://hnlengineering.com/