Q3 2021

12 BUILD Q3 2021 Jun21259 Best Home Cinema Installation Practice – UK Wakefields are the leading provider of home cinema and smart home design and implementation in the North East. They deliver exceptional personal cinema spaces that fully conform to industry standards, whilst looking as impressive as they sound. They also offer a full home automation service that gives the client the ability to craft a genuinely useful smart home that is tailored to their exact needs and is a joy to live with. akefields work with their clients from the very first initial contact, through site visits and face-to-face design meetings, to installation, calibration and commissioning/handover. As a company, their values are quality, consistency and commitment to customer experience. These core values have remained the same since their inception and underpin everything that they do, playing a large part in their success. Wakefields always operate in a state of constant improvement, finding small ways to do what they do, but better. Working with a large range of clients each with their own unique requirements, the common thread is that they all want to do something amazing with their home. Wakefields receives a lot of business through personal recommendations and word of mouth, but they also see quite significant amounts of business generated through their use of social media, especially Instagram. They take pride in their methodical and systemic approach to design, and ensure that every cinema they hand over meets the technical standards of the film industry so that the client knows they are getting the full experience that the filmmaker intended. Sadly, this is not the case for every company that operates within the sector, and Wakefields believes it is this attention to technical excellence, in combination with their accessible client- centred approach that sets them apart from their competitors. The greatest asset to Wakefields and the single most important factor to their success is their staff. The key qualities they look for when recruiting new talent are a personal commitment to excellence, willingness to learn and adapt, and recognising the value of teamwork. They believe in personal responsibility and empowerment, so they expect their staff to manage their own diaries and workload; they don’t spoon-feed anyone. Their staff know what is expected of them, and they know they can rely on the rest of the wider team if they need. It is in everyone’s interests to ensure the success of the company. The main challenge within the home entertainment and technology industry at the moment is stock availability, as consumer electronics have been badly affected recently by numerous setbacks in the form of COVID-19, a worldwide shortage of silicon microchips, the global scarcity of shipping containers and the Suez Canal crisis. This situation has caused many challenges for Wakefields, as it has for a lot of companies over the last 18 months or so, but they have also provided the company with clear and obvious opportunities. The home entertainment market is booming currently, with customer demand massively increased from previous years. W As international travel and socialising have been so heavily restricted, a lot of people have a higher amount of disposable income available, and because of the amount of time everyone has spent in their homes recently, there is a huge desire to spend on and improve their homes. The challenge for Wakefields now is to scale sufficiently to service all this increased demand, without diluting their core values of exceptional quality, consistent delivery and a joyous customer experience. Wakefields plan for 2021 and beyond is to continue striving to deliver the very best sounding and looking cinemas in the world, providing perfect immersive experiences at the leading edge of technology, and building them into the heart of their clients’ homes. Contact: Anis Finn – Cinema Specialist Email: [email protected] Website: www.wakefields.tech