Q3 2021

11 Q3 2021 BUILD May21093 Best Back & Edge-Lit Architectural LED Manufacturer 2021 In the fast growing LED lighting industry, LEDCONN is one of the few companies who can provide lighting in material art form. Its focus is to form connections among people and lighting to enhance the human experience. Its philosophy is founded on its core values: passion, respect, integrity, innovation, and family. By applying LED edge-lit and backlit solutions, LEDCONN can ultimately satisfy any custom accent or signage lighting needs for retail displays & environments, commercial spaces, exhibits and architectural applications. EDCONN strives to become the global guru of creative illumination solutions. What drives its team every day to innovate newer and more streamlined lighting solutions is the simple desire to bring light to others peoples’ lives, whether that be to benefit its customers or the everyday person admiring its illuminated spaces and solutions in the commercial space. LEDCONN engineers some of the industry’s best LED lighting solutions with the sole purpose of fostering human connections and experiences through lighting in material art form. It streamlines the process of vertical integration to assure that its creative partners’ visions are executed as precisely as originally designed. It prides itself on being an industry leader providing some of the most knowledgeable, helpful, and engineering-savvy service in the lighting industry today. Armed with quality UL- certified products, it would love to help you bring your creative vision to life in the most efficient and beautiful way possible. The company tries to get as involved as early on in the specification phase of projects as possible. As a custom LED lighting solutions provider, it really works hand in hand as the engineering brain behind the creative vision of the design firms it works with. Its design partners carry the vision and LEDCONN helps make their vision a physical reality. It also understands that the specification to the installation process can become very convoluted and confusing with so many different parties involved over a period of time; LEDCONN’s forte is being able to help streamline the entire process for everyone involved so that the project moves as smoothly as possible – it prides itself in being able to manage communications up and down stream across all moving parts very efficiently. Once a design has been created, it will usually recommend a mock-up design to ensure the quality and success of the final project. With over 13 years of experience customising LED lighting for many types of commercial projects, LEDCONN is very experienced in knowing what is and isn’t achievable with its products, and every single time a mock-up is requested, it finds it always helps build confidence in the final outcome of the project. When installation day approaches, depending on the nature of the project and product selected, LEDCONN is unique in that it works with the contractors to help them understand how to manage the installation. It makes the process as easy as possible for them by providing electrical and wiring diagrams that clearly explain how to organise the product and wire them L to one another. It may even send out an engineering team to help onsite depending on the complexity of the chosen product or project. At the end of the day, it wants its customers and partners to feel well taken care of. It understands lighting can be very confusing, and so it sees itself as expert gurus who exist to serve and facilitate the smoothest spec-to-install process for its customers. The company even provides aftercare support with the purchase of its products because it knows it is important to be available to its customers even after the job is finished. Like many companies, COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge for LEDCONN, its partners, and the lighting industry as a whole. Remaining flexible and adaptable during this difficult time has been very important to navigating the challenges, including moving from in-person to remote work. In particular, COVID-19 significantly impacted its domestic and international supply chain. As a global operation, LEDCONN maintains a robust supply chain network in both China and in the US. When China was hit by COVID, it leveraged its US facility to serve its customers, and when the US was impacted by COVID, its Chinese facilities were able to stand in the gap so that its customers were taken care of throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, not all of its competitors had this luxury or option, making its unique capabilities even more valuable and convenient to customers who were exclusively reliant on their Chinese partners. However, the future is looking bright for LEDCONN as it plans to keep improving its process and product while upholding its high service level and high product quality. Even though COVID-19 has been challenging for the company and its customers, it still prioritises innovation and has several new product launches planned this year to support its customers’ needs. Contact: Charlene Song Email: [email protected] Website: www.ledconn.com