BUILD Q3 2019

BUILD Q3 2019 38 Dec18583 ince their inception, Slimline Glazing Systems have worked closely with their clients to bring concepts in structural glazing, aluminium design and manufactur- ing into reality. The team at Slimline Glazing Systems are at the forefront of the specialist glass market, due to their unique and contemporary design innovations. Whether it is bridges and staircases or free-standing external glass structures, Slimline Glazing Systems offers and delivers their clients seamless structural solutions from design all the way through to installation. Over the years, the firm have, and still continue to take charge of each unique project to ensure that their clients receive a professional service with the team at Slimline Glazing Systems. As a result, it provides their client with an efficient and seamless installation of their project. Providing the firm with the platform to offer their clients these seamless solutions, is the innovative, hard-working and dedicat- At the Forefront of the Specialist Glass Market Slimline Glazing Systems specialise in the supply and installation of custom made sliding doors, bi- folding doors, glass extensions, roof lights. Earlier this year, the firm were recognised by BUILD as Ones to Watch 2019. Following this win, we profile the firm to discover more about the award-winning services they provide to their clients. S ed team which forms the backbone of Slimline Glazing Systems. The team offer the highest level of expertise and customer satisfaction with their in-house architect and preferred building contractors, which is why they are able to deal with projects of any size. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Slimline Glazing Systems will continue to deliver an exceptional service, ensuring that they not only fulfil the requirements which have been set by their clients but also surpass their expectations. In addition to this, Slimline Glazing Systems hope to build upon the numerous accomplishments the team have achieved over the years, which includes being selected by BUILD as Ones to Watch 2019. Ultimately, the team at Slimline Glazing Systems are justifiably proud of the reputation they have created through- out the years from both their customer service and product quality. Company: Slimline Glazing Systems Ltd Web Address: