Q2 2023

9 Q2 2023 BUILD Innovative and Emotive Architectural Design With studios in both Athens and London, Potiropoulos+Partners is an award-winning architectural design practice that creates unique, innovative, and personal designs for a wide range of clients. The firm’s team of highly creative and talented architects provide full design, supervision, and consultation services for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. As a result of its impressive portfolio, the company has won Most Innovative Architecture Studio, Greece, in the Design and Build Awards 2023. ounded in 1989 by Dimitris Potiropoulos, a highly experienced Greek architect, Potiropoulos+Partners is proud to be one of Greece’s leading architectural firms. The firm works with private clients as well as developers of small- and large-scale projects such as masterplans, resorts, specialised facilities, educational buildings, offices, residential developments, and high-end private residences. In addition to this, the firm has been involved in the renovation and expansion of historical structures such as national cultural heritage monuments. Beginning with inspiration and ideas, Potiropoulos+Partners embarks on a journey with its clients, aiming to bring their personal visions to life. Utilising the fundamental elements of architecture, including scale, proportions, light, and shadow, the firm creates beautiful and unique projects that conjure up positive memories and feelings of comfort. Rather than using a set strategy to approach all projects, Potiropoulos+Partners focuses on incorporating personalised elements and emotions to the space. The firm aspires to serve as an agent of originality for clients and associates by constantly seeking innovative technological solutions that can be put in place to add value to the built environment and improve users’ quality of life. Potiropoulos+Partners does not limit its team to a certain architectural style, instead each project is approached differently to produce buildings and spaces that are highly informed by the client’s needs and desires. Pouring boundless innovation, spatial analysis, and attention to detail into every project, the firm never fails to create a personalised design that is fit to withstand the tests of time and architectural trends. All challenges it faces in the process are treated as valuable and exciting opportunities to create innovative solutions. F Mar23041 On the Potiropoulos+Partners website, those who are curious can find the firm’s stunning portfolio of eye-catching buildings and developments. Each project has distinct characteristics, demonstrating the firm’s broad scope of capabilities. In order to consistently deliver these incredible designs, the firm has curated a team of highly experienced and talented architects over the years. However, in recruitment, Potiropoulos+Partners does not only seek these qualities. Its employees must also possess the knowledge and sensibility necessary to face the many challenges that emerge in the continuously changing world of architecture. As with all architectural firms, Potiropoulos+Partners faces the eternal challenge of maintaining a suitable balance between the built and natural environments. This is especially important now as society moves into a technocentric era. Firms in the industry must respond to this issue with intellectual, sustainable, critical, and sentimental spatial practices. Internally, the Potiropoulos+Partners team are encouraged to think collaboratively to discover solutions to these challenges, which also fosters a continuous flow of ideas for future projects. As a result of its impressive architectural designs, all unique and beautiful in their own way, Potiropoulos+Partners has won Most Innovative Architecture Studio, Greece, in the Design and Build Awards 2023. The firm believes that, in a world where nostalgia is a trend, the future must always be considered. Life is an unfinished project, one that is of great cultural significance. With this in mind, Potiropoulos+Partners looks forward to bringing to life the ideas it has for new projects. Contact: Lilia Papadouraki Email: [email protected] Company: Potiropoulos+Partners Web: https://www.potiropoulos.gr/ Layers Villa – Residence in Palaio Psychiko, Athens, Greece Cascading Terraces – Residential building in Kefalari, Athens, Greece