Q2 2023

24 BUILD Q2 2023 Best Home Improvements Contractor 2023 - West London H Plus Global Ltd is a construction and refurb company that offers high quality results while providing excellent customer service. This has landed it with the title of Best Home Improvements Contractor 2023 - West London. We take a closer look to find out more about the company’s services. rom the design process, to installations, to the finishing touches, H Plus Global provides its clients with high standard results. In every stage, quality is ensured and open communication is prioritised. The company’s owner, Tom Urbanski oversees all projects and is in constant contact with all clients. H Plus Global’s communication style enables clients to keep up to date with any changes or advances within their project. Tom ensures that no customer is ever left in the dark, even for those that are miles away. All customers can reach him at any point, in the early hours of the morning or late at night, which is sometimes necessary for clients that are living overseas where there is a time difference. In addition, he creates WhatsApp groups with the owners to talk about specific steps of their project and exchange ideas, links, photographs, or voice and video messages. This makes sure that the entire process runs smoothly. Before even beginning the works, H Plus Global spends time discussing with clients all aspects of their project and the team provide them with advice on materials, quality, complexity, time needed to execute, design, and price. This way customers can make an informed decision before going ahead and beginning the project. Tom adds, “In some cases I had 7-8 meetings with the customers to arrive at the first draft of the scope of works needed, so we do take the time to understand customers’ dreams and budgets very well.” Customer service truly is at the heart of what H Plus Global does. The team ensures that customers know they can lean on them with all aspects of the project. Anything they don’t feel comfortable with, or any doubts they may have, the team will do their best in advising them and supporting whatever direction they may want to go in. The satisfaction of its customers is protected at all times, and the team is there to ensure that they are happy with all that is taking place. ‘Outstanding’, ‘exceptional’, ‘just superb’, are some of the comments from customers summing up their experience with H F Feb23600 Plus Global. They don’t hold back in praising its services, with one sharing, “This is the second time I have used Tom and he did not disappoint. Efficient, careful, and attentive to detail. You will not find a more attentive builder who communicates well and cares about the quality of his work.” If you are looking for a contractor that you can trust, look no further and head over to the link below to get in touch! Contact: Tom Urbanski Company: H Plus Global Ltd Web Address: https://trustedtraders.which.co.uk/businesses/h-plus-global-ltd/