Q2 2023

14 BUILD Q2 2023 Feb23496 rterial Design is a unique 2D, 3D, and specialist multimedia design company that caters for both indoor and outdoor cultural learning environments. Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, the consultancy works across all regions in Australia, as well as internationally. Arterial has brought together a group of specialists who have extensive experience in the field of design and project management. Through forming one integrated and holistic design consultancy, Arterial is able to offer a highly specialised team delivering next-level customer experiences, involving a multitude of design services such as 2D graphics, 3D mechanical design, digital interactivity, multimedia design, immersive environments, audio, 3D motion graphics, animation, and museum quality object display systems. The Arterial studio designs and implements wholly immersive and intuitive spaces which bring cutting-edge technology to a visitor’s fingertips. Its team works on a diverse range of projects ranging from small to large-scale exhibitions, and uses multimedia solutions such as animation, VR, and gamification to engage visitors in interpretive interactive design. Additionally, the team has expertise in graphic design and UI/UX, as well as creating 3D mechanical sculptures and other interactive elements. Since the company’s birth 15 years ago, Arterial has been creating many memorable and engaging experiences that take full advantage of cutting-edge immersive design technologies. The firm’s offering is highly sought after for its team’s ability to communicate to specific target audiences with a diverse range of learning abilities, and within large and small scale interactive spaces. They are experienced in delivering cross-cultural A solutions in popular tourist destinations as well as designing and delivering across multiple languages throughout the exhibits. Arterial’s expertise focuses on engaging and educating audiences and enhancing the overall visitor experience to inspire curiosity. The team have a thorough understanding of how visitors absorb and learn in exhibition spaces through experience in numerous globally recognised projects and use this to increase the ‘punch’ of their designs. The success of their work leads to the right visitors becoming motivated, inspired, and connected. Founded by Jan Nowell in 2008, Arterial emphasises the combined effort of the multidisciplinary team who can make the magic happen. This includes a creative director, project managers, specialist industrial designers, senior exhibition designers, graphic designers, specialist media designers, architects, a financial controller, and administrator. Providing a comprehensive understanding of contemporary materials and new technologies, this is leveraged alongside their expertise in fabrication, design, processes, and financial viability. The Arterial team work together as professionals to develop solutions, rather than simply outsourcing, Arterial is able to conjure up some extraordinary ideas – Ideas that have earned them recognition in the Design & Build Awards 2023. We look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for Arterial and its team, as they continue to bring to life to incredible learning experiences. If you are interested in Arterial’s work, be sure to check their website to find out more. Contact: Jan Nowell Company: Arterial Design Web Address: https://www.arterialdesign.com.au/ Information Made To Stand Out Following Arterial Design (Arterial) being bestowed with the title of Most Visionary Multi-Discipline Design Consultancy 2023 – Australia, we learn more about the visionary work the team continues to produce. Photo Credit: Tania Jovanoic Photo Credit: Anne Stroud