Q2 2022

Q2 2022 BUILD 59 2022 Design and Build Award Best for Unique and Bespoke Creative Outdoor Structures, 2022 - The United Kingdom Podmakers Leaders in the Design and Installation of Creative and Bespoke Staircases, 2022 - The United Kingdom Woodside Joinery (Staircases) Limited Leaders in Creative and Sustainable Educational Architecture Projects, 2022 - Bangkok Imaginary Objects Award of Excellence for Handwoven Textile Art Pieces, 2022 - South East London Woven Form Leaders in Innovative and Diverse Architectural Projects, 2022 - San Diego, California Davy Architecture Leading Full-Service Residential Architecture Practice, 2022 - Greater Manchester Ideal Architecture Most Outstanding People-Centred Residential Architecture Practice, 2022 - Manchester Jennings Design Associates Ltd 2022 Great British Architects Award