Q2 2022

58 Q1 2022 BUILD 2022 Design and Build Award Leading Architecture Practice Specialising in the Residential and Hospitality Sector, 2022 - Glasgow Ninety One Architects Leaders in Bespoke Architecture and Interior Design Specialising in Residential and Commercial Projects, 2022 - Bengaluru Wright Inspires Most Outstanding Sustainable and Innovative Architecture and Interior Design Practice, 2022 - Devon L + Architects Leading Construction Consultancy Firm, 2022 - London Ratio3 Award of Excellence for Innovative Architecture and Design Projects, 2022 - London SASI Studio Most Outstanding Contemporary Residential Architecture Practice, 2022 - London Cassell Tarring Most Outstanding Contemporary Architecture Practice, 2022 - Devon Mark Muir Architect Leaders in Bespoke Architecture and Design Projects within the Residential, Commercial and Multi-Use Sectors, 2022 - London KAP Studios LP Leading Innovative and Sustainable Architecture Practice Specialising in Spatial Innovation, 2022 - Berlin Urban Beta Award of Excellence for Contemporary and Sustainable Architectural Designs, 2022 - London Dowen Farmer Architects Leaders in Innovative and Creative Architecture Specialising in Contemporary and Remodelling Projects, 2022 - Seattle AOME Architects Award of Excellence for Residential Architecture, 2022 - Westonsuper-Mare Cuppa Architects Most Outstanding Innovative Architecture Practice Specialising in Public Architecture Projects, 2022 - Belfast OGU Architects Award of Excellence for Creative and Contemporary Architecture, 2022 - Valencia Lecoc Arquitectura Most Outstanding Residential Construction Firm, 2022 - Mishawaka Traditions Custom Builders Leading Architecture Practice Specializing in the Scientific Sector, 2022 - Houston Scientia Architects Leaders in Contemporary and Sustainable Residential Architecture, 2022 - Peterborough POP BUILD