Q2 2022

43 Q2 2022 BUILD incredible achievements and it has earned them awards success for three years in a row. We look to this pinnacle of Georgia’s construction industry as they continue to thrive despite the challenges of the day. Company: NuWave Homes LLC Name: Ron DuPree Email: [email protected] Web Address: nuwavehomes.com Feb22505 Homes For You When you work with the team at NuWave Homes, you can be certain that your home will stand apart from the crowd in the best possible way. In BUILD’s Homebuilder Awards 2022, the team were awarded the title of Best Custom Home Builder – Georgia. We take a look at the foundations of this company to see how the team has built such astonishing success. hen you commission a house from Ron DuPree and the team at NuWave Homes, you can be assured that it is going to be of the highest possible quality. Since opening their doors, this family owned and operated custom- home building company has been committed to offering their clients the best possible property at an incredibly competitive price. With over 1,800 houses built, it’s little wonder that the team has earned such an amazing reputation. Every house built by the NuWave Homes team is special, taking on a unique personality as the team match the needs of their clients. No two people are the same, and the team take the time to understand precisely what is wanted and expected from them at all times. The experience of developing the perfect property is one which starts at the company’s model home. From here, a new home plan is developed, leading to various appointments and then assistance in construction and permanent financing. The model home is, in fact, the base of the team’s operations and where the business continues to thrive. Being based in one location has been a boon to the team at NuWave Homes. Their clients can see the whole customhome building process in one location. It also means that the craftsmanship that goes into every project can be easily accessed and decisions on whether to go for standard fittings or upgrades can be made. This hub of knowledge is the ideal way in which to find out about the way in which NuWave Homes works. The challenges in building a new home are considerable, but the expertise of the team has gone a long way to ensuring that the process does not overwhelm them. Clients are constantly referred to throughout to ensure their total satisfaction. Whilst elements of the construction may change, and suggestions to enhance a property based on the team’s experience is common, it is always the client’s decision in the end. The quality of each property has been maintained through putting a limit on how many projects the team work on every year. Only 25 properties are constructed, all of which are custom-built. This involved a great deal of labor, exploring the various options available to clients and then adapting to suit specific circumstances. It does, however, guarantee a truly personalized approach. Perhaps the greatest credit to the team at NuWave Homes is the way in which they have been able to establish a brand in Georgia that is truly second to none. For the last two years, the team have been recognized by the BUILD team for their W