Q2 2022

42 BUILD Q2 2022 Jan22668 Nationwide Home Renovators of the Year - Texas Standpoint Construction Company is a restorations and renovations business helping clients to recover their property after a disaster. Helping them to ‘know where [they] stand’ throughout the process, it takes great pride in its communication, efficacy, and diligence, working with a client to help them return their property to its former glory whilst taking as much of the stress off of a client’s shoulders as possible. Thus, it has made itself a determined, reliable, and highly recommended firm for Texas, and would like to extend its thanks to its clients for their continued trust. s both a residential and commercial construction firm, Standpoint Construction Company has made itself a jewel in the crown of Texas’s property renovations industry. Taking great pride in keeping its customers thoroughly informed throughout the course of a build, it lets them know where they stand ‘before, during, and after’ working with its outstanding team. Whether it is serving a residential property or a commercial build, it promises that a client will be able to trust that they have put their faith in the right company from the very first conversation, able to give its customers a holistic peace of mind that takes some of the stress out of renovations and remodels. In this manner, its guarantee covers disaster restoration and management. Able to operate with tenacity and empathy in the aftermath of property damage as a result of any number of unfortunate circumstances, its team will provide efficient service on time and within budget so that a customer can get back on with their life as quickly as possible. At Standpoint Construction Company, it has committed itself to its foremost mission of becoming a trusted, local restoration partner. From pre-loss inspections to post-loss assessment, insurance claim management, construction management, it promises that its A combination of business management and property restoration expertise means that Standpoint Construction Company can handle all elements of the task at hand. Additionally, having been in business for a combined 20 years, the Standpoint Construction Company of today has benefitted from years of intra-business development, improving itself thanks to the feedback of its clients and in line with the growth of its sector. In this manner, it has been able to ensure it remains fiercely competitive, helping its clients in the face of disaster in order to become a partner that they can trust. Being a team of straight-talking, empathic, and intelligent professionals, its specialists will deliver an honest property assessment and a simplified approach to restoration at every turn; no matter what, a client will always be able to trust that Standpoint Construction Company has their back. Going forward, it will staunchly remain dedicated to this mission, and is ready and raring to go to help clients face the challenges that the future might bring. Company: Standpoint Construction Company Contact: Matt Kraft Website: standpointonline.com