Q2 2022

29 Q2 2022 BUILD Mar22261 Best Eco-Friendly Residential Construction Company – Sussex & BUILD Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Bespoke Living Construction is an environmentally-conscious construction company which places a strong emphasis on sustainability. It specialises in building sustainable, high-quality homes, and carries out home renovations, extensions, and new builds. espoke Living Construction places the customer at the heart of everything it does. It believes that building trust and maintaining communication with clients is imperative, and ensures that every project is delivered to the highest standard, with each project managed, providing the client with project plans, payment schedules, and weekly site meetings. Bespoke Living Construction employs a small team of highly skilled individuals, and prides itself in providing a reliable, efficient, bespoke, and friendly service. Laura Davies, Finance Project Manager at the company said, “Our staff are incredibly important to us as we rely on them to maintain our values and represent our business. Moral is very important, and we look for positive, forward-thinking staff to join our team. To deliver the best customer experience, we need our team to be professional, approachable, and hard working. We are continuously being praised on the tidiness of our sites and the helpfulness of our staff. “We offer progression within the company and hold regular development reviews with staff to ensure we are supporting them in the best possible way.” And the company’s clients clearly agree that it has a top team. A variation of clients from multiple sources have chosen Bespoke Living Construction because of its attention to detail, its passion and sustainable approach. It has been a pioneer in sustainable building for several years, raising the profile of building more sustainably at every opportunity. Customer feedback and five-star reviews have demonstrated that Bespoke Living Construction’s clients have chosen it because of its client recommendations, meticulous planning and organisation, communication, and approachability. In addition, it has found that more recently, customers regards its sustainability credentials as a deciding factor when evaluating its initial quotations. Maintaining the highest quality is essential within the business and the company demonstrates this in every aspect of a project. As well as inhouse project management on every project, it offers a retention policy on each project so a percentage of the total cost of the build is retained until the project is 100% complete. There is then a further percentage retained by the client for six months after completion where the team returns to complete any snagging that may have occurred. Clients are conscious of the impact their project will have on the environment and many are planning for a more sustainable future. Bespoke Living Construction has seen a significant increase in MVHR, ground source heat pumps, sedum green roofs, and PV B panels being used. Solar panels, for example, have dropped in price by 80% since 2010, becoming far more affordable and accessible to clients. We are painfully aware that waste in construction contributes to over a third of the UK’s total yearly waste. At Bespoke Living Construction, we know it is our responsibility to do as much as we can to reduce, recycle and reuse where possible. Our aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and waste generated on our sites. Despite having a rigorous carbon reduction action plan and waste management policy in place, Bespoke Living Construction does have unavoidable carbon emissions which it offsets through its partnership with Mossy Earth. Mossy Earth is a social enterprise on a mission to restore nature and fight climate change. Over the past four years, Bespoke Living Construction and Mossy Earth have planted more than 250 trees, offsetting approximately 60 tonnes of carbon, and contributing to a number of rewilding projects. It’s more than just planting trees; the subscription also helps to fund regular rewilding projects such as kelp restoration, building eagle nesting platforms, translocating mountain hares, and GPS tagging vultures. Not only does the company have the challenge of reducing the CO2 emissions and waste generated on its sites, but it is also facing the rising cost of materials and material lead times – Both of which have serious implications on the business on a day-to-day basis. The covid pandemic was a huge unknown that no-one had faced before. Bespoke Living Construction adapted to new safe ways of working to ensure the safety of staff and clients. It had to plan projects meticulously and order materials well in advance to avoid shortages and hold ups to project deadlines. And it has continued to order materials early and in bulk to secure lower prices for its clients. Ordering in bulk and in advance supports its carbon reduction action plan to reduce the number of deliveries required to each site. Ultimately, it is clear to see the vast effort that Bespoke Living Construction is making in order to keep its operations as eco-friendly as possible, along with the passion it has for delivering a service that is as seamless and enjoyable for the client as possible – Making it highly deserving of its success within the Homebuilder Awards 2022. Now focused on the future, the company will continue to deliver high quality, innovative homes, and on its pursuit to raise the profile of sustainable building. Company: Bespoke Living Construction Ltd Email: [email protected] Website: www.bespokelivingltd.com Bespoke Living Construction Ltd