Q2 2022

28 BUILD Q2 2022 – increased staff morale and reduced stress levels,” explains Shaun. With this, all staff have had the space to flourish and overcome obstacles to keep the company thriving and allow clients to feel safe and nurtured. Wolff Architects is passionate, proud, and motivated as a company and a team in delivering exceptional services to its many clients. Shaun adds to this by enthusing, “Our extensive experience allows us to develop concepts that can grow throughout the design development phases into the finished article.” Now, for Wolff Architects, the aim is simple – to continue delivering this throughout 2022 and into the future. Company: Wolff Architects Name: Shaun Bangard Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.wolffarchitects.co.uk Feb22674 Designing a Better Future Clients celebrate and appreciate the work of Wolff Architects as it builds a strong, sturdy, and passionate foundation for its seamless delivery of projects. Wolff Architects has been recognised as Leading High-End Residential Architecture Practice of 2022, giving clients a way to enjoy the experience of a dream come true, crafted by the professional intellect of the Wolff team. olff Architects is a design lead architectural practice that offers a comprehensive selection of services from inception through to completion. Wolff Architects provides the highest quality of services, working with a range of clients to deliver their aspirations while paying attention to every detail. Expanding on this, Director Shaun Bangard states, “The practice has a wide-ranging portfolio of clients. Owing to an impressive reputation, we have worked for high-net-worth individuals and heads of state, public and private companies and international corporations worldwide. We aim to project manage each scheme on an individual basis to ensure the client’s brief is met with the highest performance standards.” What sets the company apart in the industry is its wide range of inclusive and tailored comprehensive, innovative packages and its team effort of extensive experience collected from several sectors. Moreover, Wolff Architects understand the importance of client interaction and make sure that clients are heard, cared for with services that prioritise their wishes – giving exceptional and unparalleled results. “Throughout the project stages, it is important to provide client interaction; therefore, we ensure that the delivery of each of our projects is the responsibility of one of our five practice Directors. Associates and Project Architects support them to ensure that our high-quality service is maintained throughout the project cycle,” explains Shaun. Highly regarded within the industry for the range of projects and high-quality services provided, a lot of its success is a direct result of the experience and expertise of its one-of-kind professionals established across offices in West London and Oxford. Shaun adds to this, stating, “We are fortunate to have a team that has strengths and experience in a range of building typologies and styles.” These are showcased through its work on some of London’s most prestigious listed properties, preserving some of the most historical architectural gems and creating contemporary, cutting-edge residences. These projects are highly revered by its extensive range of satisfied clients. Another inspiring effort from Wolff and its team is how it was able to handle itself during the Covid-19 pandemic that challenged the world. “We moved to a more blended work environment, offering staff the opportunity to work both at home and in the office. We have found this has had a positive impact W