Q2 2022

25 Q2 2022 BUILD Best HMO Conversion Specialists - Greater Manchester As a fast-growing conversion specialist operating in the Manchester area, C&R Property & Construction has made a name for itself with its niche building work and exemplary service. Its staff, each of whom are experts in their fields, work hard to delivery projects on time, within budget, and to the letter of client specifications, quickly making it a jewel in the crown of North England’s construction industry. &R Property & Construction covers a wide range of different services to clients in both the residential and commercial sector. Fundamentally, its specialisms span refurbishment and restoration, as well as the construction of new build properties and houses of multiple occupancy. Whether these properties are currently an existing residential property used as a single dwelling or a commercial property that’s being converted, it has time and time again been lauded for its exemplary abilities to use space in an intelligent manner. At C&R Property & Construction, it takes great pride in carrying out thorough and high-end delivery on all its projects from top to bottom, taking care of the bigger picture as well as each individual detail. Nominally, it works hard to ensure an ‘iceberg mentality’ is at play in its work. When serving its clients, it will keep in touch with them constantly to show them the progress of their build and to keep them up to date, but they can also trust that behind the scenes, it is working hard to manage any stress or challenges so that the client doesn’t have to. In this manner, it conducts integral work with dependability and finesse, making itself a reliable cornerstone to its clients’ construction needs and remaining thoroughly transparent throughout the process. It is more than happy to talk them through workmanship processes and innovative products, providing educational resources to a client regarding the nitty gritty of it all should they be interested in such a thing, along with organised and tidy staff members who respect the client and their site. Therefore, it can serve domestic and commercial clients with excellence. Its honesty and transparency also extend into its timescales and budget quotes, always striving to be realistic with clients regarding time and monetary investment expectations in order to eliminate the risk of hidden costs or surprise schedule changes as much as possible. With each of its staff members having played such a huge role in its successes and with the delivery of its values, it has found that it has become more important than ever to ensure new staff members fit this ethos. After all, having developed such a healthy working environment, it sees it as its duty to keep it that way, helping new staff members to find their feet and giving them the support they need to thrive. Thus, despite the challenges of Covid-19, C&R Property & Construction has been C Feb22632 able to work through it, continuing to grow and develop as it gains yet more clients through the glowing reviews and referrals of its past customers. Company: C&R Property & Construction Contact: Rachel Horton Website: https://www.crpropertymanchester.co.uk/