Q2 2022

24 BUILD Q2 2022 Developing The Future! Oct21406 When it comes to property development, it’s important to take a holistic approach. The team behind Kalombo Architecture and Developments have made it their business to capitalize on the need for development in South African cities that provides sustainable living solutions. It’s an approach which earned them the title of Most Innovative Architectural Design & Property Development Firm – Gauteng in BUILD’s Real Estate and Property Awards 2021. We dig a little deeper to find out more. ased in Johannesburg, the team at Kalombo Architecture and Development have made their name in their ability to specialize in housing developments, targeting both the local and regional markets with their incredible properties. In the rapidly expanding industry that surrounds South Africa, the team have their minds on ensuring that this growth is done in a manner that is deliberate and targeted. Transformation of South Africa in general is something that is certain to happen, but the nature of that change has still yet to be determined. The team behind Kalombo Architecture and Development, under the leadership of Danny Kalombo, are determined to find a way forward that ensures the provision of efficient and sustainable living and working solutions. These solutions are not just limited to the housing sector, however. Kalombo Architecture and Development has built its plans with the intention of engaging with larger issues such as inner-city regeneration, housing delivery and an informal settlement upgrade. The team’s ability to design truly impressive architectural services means that they can offer a truly comprehensive solution to their clients. These services are undertaken using the latest in computer-aided software, providing greater value for clients and enhanced design and construction. An eye is also kept on the sustainability of the project, with the team not only having their own high standards but setting the style for the industry as a whole in the region. Naturally, the team’s architectural designs vary enormously, depending on the specific needs of the client, the budget and the challenges of the local area. What is clear is that the secret to this team’s remarkable success is their ability not just develop ideas that are suited to the here and B now, but to ensure that they will stand the test of time in terms of sustainability, aesthetics and operation. The team’s ideas focus specifically on the way in which contemporary design responds to the challenges of the climate, socio-economic and the cultural demographics of the locale. It’s never enough for a project to be beautiful in isolation. It must match the environment, and taking this into account often enhances what the project has to offer its clients. Needless to say, the team at Kalombo Architecture and Development have big ideas and these big ideas often require an approach which is ambitious on every level. When it comes to providing a comprehensive solution to their clients, this is the team to turn to. We celebrate their enormous success and look forward to how they build on this success in the future! Company: Kalombo Architecture and Development Name: Danny Kalombo Email: [email protected]