Q2 2022

20 BUILD Q2 2022 Best LED Luminaires Manufacturer - USA Feb22405 Lighting the way towards the future of illumination design, Glint Lighting is a company undaunted by challenge. Glint helps create healthy and beautifully lit spaces with its flagship product, Hero, which delivers fully adjustable, glare-free lighting to nearly any project. Hero fixtures seamlessly integrate into the architecture, bringing focus to what is most important in the built environment, rather than drawing attention to itself. In short, Glint Lighting raises the bar on the style and impact one can achieve with good lighting design through use of its revolutionary new lighting technologies and products. lint Lighting is a company in the vanguard of the second revolution of LED lighting. Light fixtures use less electricity than ever due to highly-efficient LEDs; now innovators like Glint are using LEDs to invent luminaires that have entirely new capabilities. Their flagship product, Hero, can move its beam of light without physically moving. Designers can install Hero to follow the lines of their architecture, then put its light where they need it. Since Hero does not need extra room to move for adjustments, it can fit into tight spaces that no other adjustable fixture can go. This revolutionary power opens up entirely new opportunities to eliminate glare and disappear into the architecture like no other light fixture. The Hero product line includes track, monopoint, recessed and architectural fixtures, developed with inspiration from the best designers and partners in the business. These fixtures are ideal to illuminate elegant architecture, attractive galleries and retail, inviting hospitality spaces, distinctive residences, and more with beautiful, glare-free, and energy-efficient light. G Recently, the unique power of Hero helped a designer solve a difficult artwork installation challenge. The art was colossal, so they literally had to raise parts of the ceiling across two separate rooms to accommodate it. Hero installed gracefully into two entirely different ceiling types, sheetrock and wood grille, following the sleek lines of the spaces and achieving an ethereal, self-lighting effect on the artwork. Hero disappears into the architecture to keep focus on what is most important rather than drawing attention to itself, allowing designers to solve lighting issue after lighting issue. The creative team at Glint Lighting continues to develop sustainable new LED products to help builders create healthy and beautifully lit environments. Company: Glint Lighting Contact: Andrew Kim Website: glintlighting.com