Q2 2022

19 Q2 2022 BUILD understands its role – it is there to create a seamless experience for its clients whilst bringing their dreams to life. It states that ‘nothing is too much trouble,’ and that it is willing to offer an array of advice that circles around ‘what is going to be best for the client and the project.’ However, the company, in spite of its success, has faced numerous challenges throughout its lifetime. Most recently, the company has been impacted by both the Covid-19 pandemic and the aftermath of Brexit, noting supply chain issues. Consequently, there has been a drastic rise in prices and a multitude of delays. Signature Designs has been working to rectify this issue by making clients aware of the potential problems that exist and what it plans to do to try and mitigate disruption. During the pandemic, the company has spent time working to invest in its long-term success. Opting to do this through the creation of a showroom, the company has opened itself up to a range of new opportunities and possibilities, including the development of a range of in-house services. As a result, 2022 is set to be a prosperous year for Signature Designs. It has both a plethora of plans and projects that it hopes to set into motion, such as the expansion of its offerings to include an outdoor leisure display at its showroom. Here it hopes to incorporate an outdoor kitchen setting including a hot tub/spa. Contact: Tom Baldwin Company: Signature Projects Ltd Web Address: Signatureprojects.co.uk Feb22586 Most Client-Focused Home Builder - Reigate & Banstead Creating bespoke residences is at the heart of Signature Projects Ltd’s services. Indeed, it is best known for its unique approach and unrivalled finished product. temming from Surrey, Signature Projects Ltd serves as a premium residential building company, specialising in working with client from the initial project concept right the way through to completion. Indeed, the client is at the forefront of its operations, dictating the very essence of how the company operates. All the design work, relevant permissions, and permits are taken care of by Signature Projects, which greatly reduces the stress on its clients, leaving them free to enjoy the process of bringing their dreams to life. Catering primarily to bespoke builds – be it extensions, renovations or complete new builds – the company is notable for its attention to detail. Signature Projects is infused with enthusiasm, passion, and a deep-routed desire to exceed the client’s expectations. As a result, the company boasts an impressive portfolio that includes an abundance of beautifully completed homes and ecstatic clients. The company takes a unique approach when bringing clients onboard – it typically works with clients on purely a referral basis as it has placed itself in a position where it is able to select the right type of client and project that suits its own style and approach. The company strays from advertising its services. Yet no matter who the client is or what the project entails, it serves them with a smile. In essence, Signature Projects has been built upon close client relationships, using them to drive its business operations forward. Of course, its approach is flexible in order to meet its clients’ needs, be that the time or the day meetings are scheduled, taking the time to understand any special requirements, or working collaboratively with the client. Moreover, the company ensures that the client’s budget is kept in mind, making sure that it remains nestled within the limits whilst providing a high-quality result. As such, this is further bolstered by the fact that Signature Projects is the only residential building company with its own showroom and, subsequently, the ability to offer an in-house CAD design service to showcase exactly what their potential home could look like. None of this would be possible without the company’s expert team. Signature Projects has hand-picked its team, which certifies that the recruit is not only capable of delivering a high standard of work, but also that their attitude and approach aligns with that of the company. Furthermore, it wholeheartedly S