Q2 2021

9 Q2 2021 BUILD Sep20855 Marrying Art and Engineering In Stunning Designs Architecture and engineering is an industry of dreamers and innovators, tapping into their creativity to come up with some of the most outstanding designs and ideas that the world has never seen before. T10 Team is a firm of such individuals, capitalising on the innovative and creative power of its workforce to create exceptional designs. So much so that the firm was crowned the Best Design Firm 2020 - West Europe in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2020 from BUILD Magazine. Join us now as we find out more about the firm, and highlight its award-winning aspects and services. he value of architecture lies in more than the construction and engineering elements of its results. As an artistic expression, the value of architecture is an amalgamation of design and innovation. Balancing the two worlds of engineering and art is not an easy one, but it is something that the team at T10 has been doing since its inception. From its headquarters in Seville and Marbella, the workforce at T10 makes full use of the most advanced techniques in three dimensional development, virtual reality, and BIM work methodology. As a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team of more than thirty professionals, there are architects and engineers mixing alongside others who have dedicated their lives to careers in design and fine arts. For more than fifteen years, T10 have grown to become experts in the development of large-scale leisure projects such as hotels, water parks, conference centres, and luxury homes to name just a few. At the moment, T10 is developing more than five hotel projects that are four or five stars, as well as the largest artificial beach in Europe, Alovera Beach. T10 has also collaborated on projects with world-renowned architects such as Sou Fujimoto and François Leclerq Associes. Just a handful of the specializations that T10 has includes versatile work and avant-garde work, both of which have garnered this studio a reputation for being one that makes architectural art that is based on technical efficiency. Thus, it has been able to leave its differential brand stamp at the best level of architecture across Western Europe and particularly around Spain and its surrounding neighbour countries. In essence, T10 is an outstanding firm, and it fully deserves the success that achieved in last years’ Construction and Engineering Awards from BUILD Magazine. As 2021 gets underway, there is surely more success to come for T10 and its leaders, Francisco Santisteban Serrano, and José Luis Pérez Halcón. Until then, the studio will continue to do what it does best; deliver stunning results. Company: T10 Team Contact: Francisco Santisteban Website: https://t10team.com/ T Malaca Delta. 800 unit housing complex. T10 / Leclercq Associés / ECDM Sentido B B Hotel. Best Eco-friendly Spanish Resort 2021. T10