Q2 2021

8 BUILD Q2 2021 Sep20373 Best Custom Steel Construction Company - South Dakota Founded in 2009, Raeco Builders is a highly experienced construction company specialising in steel buildings and concrete. Following its well-deserved success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we caught up with Tom Jurgens to find out more. ince its establishment, Raeco Builders have been hyper-focused on making sure the construction process is easy, efficient and affordable for everyone. To begin, Tom provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “After noticing the lack of attention paid to building codes, customer service, and safety, I decided to launch a construction company that adhered to codes and didn’t take advantage of the end customer. The support of our project managers, designers and onsite supervisors has enabled the firm to achieve a steady growth, and ensure of a successful manufacturing and construction process. While working alongside a range of clients across South Dakota, we have managed to personalise steel buildings and undertake concrete work using the knowledge and experience we have picked up since inception”. Across South Dakota the firm are in direct competition with several construction companies, however as Tom goes on to explain, its commitment to clients and ability to offer something bespoke has enabled the firm to stand out from the crowd. “Here at Raeco Builders, we offer our clients the best and nothing less. Rather than sacrificing on quality or structural integrity, we bring building dreams to life with our quality and commitment to get the job done within an aggressive but attainable production schedule. Moreover, fortunately as our pre-engineered steel buildings are extremely versatile, we are able to work on projects of all kinds and specifically design buildings to the needs of our customers. Pre-engineered buildings are not like the template pre-built homes and buildings you see traveling on a flatbed trailer to the construction site. Building a pre-engineered steel structure simply takes out the additional engineering process and rather than finding a builder, material supplier and building engineer, all three are taken care of under the same roof”. Compared to conventional buildings, pre-engineered buildings can often save a lot of time and money as Tom points out. “With a pre-engineered steel building you will cut a number of traditional building costs, and you won’t waste any time on extra communication and planning between building companies, engineers, and suppliers. Because the building is designed and S engineered at the same time, it will be ready to put together as soon as the pre-fabricated materials show up on site”. Since its inception, all team members have played a crucial role in the firm’s success as Tom explains further. “Here at Raeco Builders, everyone shares the same core values that have made the firm an industry leader in steel buildings and concrete across the region. Providing a quality project at a fair price has been a passion of ours since day one, and it continues to motivate our team towards delivering outstanding results for our clients. If a project drags on, this hurts us as well as the client, so everyone is dedicated towards getting the building up and running as quickly as possible”. With safety being such an important part of construction, the firm are committed to ensuring its worksite is as safe as possible for its team members as Tom goes on to explain. “Weekly company-wide meetings are delivered to emphasise the importance of safety in every single step of our building projects. Keeping a working environment injury free allows our team members and subcontractors to take comfort in what they do. A safe environment is also more efficient, which helps each build stay on schedule and on budget”. Finally, Tom shares some of the firm’s goals for the future as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Moving forward, we will be looking to maintain the reputation we have all worked tremendously hard to establish and undertake more projects with several clients across the region”. Company: Raeco Builders Contact: Tom Jurgens Email: [email protected] Web : www.raecobuilders.com Address: 115 N Garfield Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57014