Q2 2021

43 Q2 2021 BUILD Architecture Inspired by Art and Nature Founded in 2015 by chief architect, Alessia Maggio, AMAART Architects is a leading architect studio with extensive experience in designing exceptional large-scale buildings for both public and private clients, with a specialism in residential, transportation, industrial and masterplan designs. he AMAART team is just like a small family made up of highly multi-disciplinary professionals, including architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects and architectural engineers. Each team member has a passion for creating beautiful, modern, high-quality buildings that are functional and sustainable. AMAART offers a design service that meets clients’ personal needs, combining functionality and aesthetics, in collaboration with local partners and craftsmen. The design team uses its vast experience, up-to-date methods and latest technologies to bring ideas to life, while paying close attention to the choice of building materials and construction techniques so the project ultimately offers environmental comfort and considerable energy savings. Big windows and pale colours are also important features used by AMAART to create naturally light spaces that people want to spend time in. An award-winning and nationally recognised architectural design firm, AMAART acts like an exclusive boutique studio which pairs client requests with industry expertise to create structures that push the boundaries of architecture. Communication is a crucial part of the design process as the client needs to be satisfied with the results, so the team works closely with them to thoroughly understand their visions and make them a reality. Designs are inspired by art and nature, while embracing the Italian tradition of architectural excellence. They must be designed to fit into the environment they’re being built in while respecting historical context and modern aesthetics, therefore research into the location of the building project needs to be done. AMAART strives to create magnificent buildings that complement their surroundings. Over the last few years, AMAART has completed a series of grand train station renovation projects in Rome which have seen them be modernised to fit into their urban settings. For 2019’s revamp of Marina of Cerveteri train station located on the Roman coast, an aluminium material was chosen to contribute to the lightness within the building, modernising it and once again embracing natural light. T Dec20454 There is no doubt that AMAART is a successful architectural business, but, like for many other businesses, the pandemic has caused knockbacks and AMAART saw the closure of construction sites, which put a halt on works. However, the company sees challenges as opportunities and only plans to keep growing its success; it is currently working to develop partnerships with international teams with different skillsets to enhance future developments for Italian public spaces. Company: AMAART Architects Contact: Alessia Maggio Website: https://www.amaart.it/