Q2 2021

42 BUILD Q2 2021 Dec20458 Cabin in the Trees Jacobschang is an award-winning architecture firm based in New York which provides contemporary architectural design, interior design, planning and building feasibility services. It’s passionate about its craft and constantly demonstrates excellence in architecture and design. o-founded by architects, Mike Jacobs and Sari Chang, Jacobschang uses its expertise to consider the social and the environmental impact of each project within its surroundings, with building projects constructed in cities, suburbs and outlying locations across the United States. The firm approaches its work with the belief that the spaces it designs have the power to enrich peoples’ experiences and their connection to the earth, and it is committed to the quality and execution of each project, prioritising sustainable building strategies and techniques, while establishing valuable relationships along the way. Jacobschang’s design process is collaborative; it believes that the most meaningful architectural projects arise from a productive and open dialogue with clients. Through early detailed discussions, the project objectives are identified and prioritised, to then be shaped into carefully considered strategies that balance factors such as site possibilities, local context, materiality, jurisdictional limits and budget. Among Jacobschang’s array of architecture projects is a 360sqft half-tree house one-room cabin situated within the forest of Sullivan County, New York, built in 2015. The tiny blackened timber cabin was designed for a pair of amateur weekend-builder clients to construct on a shoestring budget with the help of friends. Part of the wooden structure rests on two existing trees, bolted onto them using an anchoring system called a Garnier Limb, C with the opposite end anchored to the ground with simple concrete footings. The exterior was coated in traditional Scandinavian pine-tar, giving it the black colour and to enable it to withstand long, wet winters, which contrasts with the internal pristine white walls and natural toned panelled floor. Building materials were largely sourced from the property’s 60-acre site, including timber panels collected from surrounding fallen pines. The inside of the cabin is minimalist and compact, so space is limited with room only for the basics including a double mattress, an armchair and a small area for preparing meals, with heating provided by a wood-burning stove, and a portable generator as back-up. Three floor-to-ceiling pivoting windows offer stunning views of the woodsy landscape and fill the cabin with pleasant natural light, and when they’re opened, enable a fresh breeze to circulate. The home has no electricity or piped water and can’t be reached by vehicle, so it is truly a rustic, off-the-grid hideout. This is just one successful and aesthetically pleasing architectural project completed among many, and Jacobschang has a bright future ahead of it as it continues to expand its portfolio and exceed client expectations. Company: Jacobschang Architecture Contact: Mike Jacobs and Sari Chang Website: https://jacobschang.com/