Q2 2021

31 Q2 2021 BUILD Building From The Ground Up Building new developments is incredibly involved, with a clear need to consider not only what is being built, but where it is being built. Some places present unique challenges that can only be uncovered by literal experts in the field. One of the leading names in this sector is Geo-Environmental Services Limited. Named The UK’s Best Geotechnical and Environmental Consultancy, 2021 in BUILD’s rolling series of Design and Build Awards, we take a closer look at how this firm has achieved such success. ince 1996, the team behind Geo-Environmental Services have been keen to set themselves apart from other similar companies. From their humble beginnings based purely in the south-east of England, they have grown to cover the entirety of the UK, drawing on years of experience to deliver invaluable services to a range of different customers. This experienced team of geotechnical and environmental consultants provide services for a range of different industries, advising on Housing, Healthcare, Community, Education, Commercial, Rail, Road and Energy projects to name but a few. Each brings unique demands and expectations which the team strives to meet each and every time. With the firm’s head office in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex and satellite offices in Bristol and Birmingham, they are within relatively easy reach of any large building project that requires their expertise. While the team offer a wealth of different services, they specialise in ground investigations, geotechnical consultancy and environmental consultancy. At the heart of all of these different options is a commitment to protecting not only the environment, but the value of the construction projects as well. A ground investigation is a vital part of any construction project, and a properly funded and specified investigation often uncovers unforeseen problems. If these problems are found early, solutions can be built into a project, saving time and money from all involved. As with any construction related discipline, health and safety is key and Geo-Environmental Services excellent safety record keeps them in high demand. The team are dedicated to delivering projects that are of the highest quality, engaging closely with clients to ensure that their needs are met. Increasingly their services are also required to support environmental improvements and support sustainability aims. The Company anticipate that this will be a core part of their work as the Company as a whole strives to achieve Net Zero. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the expertise of the team is the firm’s most important asset. As the core of the company is delivering advice, building up a strong group of talented professionals has been crucial. This has led to a great deal of investment in team members, with the latest industry S Nov20138 developments built into a continuous structured training programme. All staff are supported in their growth, especially working towards and achieving chartered status, because it builds the reputation of the firm as well. Of course, the last few years have seen an influx not only in the technology available, but in how it is used across multiple industries. The team behind Geo- Environmental Services made a pledge in 2013 to upgrade and expand the IT software and hardware that they would be able to offer to their clients. This has proven immensely useful, improving the presentation of reports, inter-connectivity with other systems and the productivity of the firm’s work. This commitment to inter-connectivity allowed the team to vary its offering to those who wished to work from home. All field data is recorded electronically ensuring quick and easy access from all stakeholders and there is a platform that allows people to work as if they were in the office from anywhere in the world. This incredible flexibility proved highly popular, with 60% of the workforce working from home for some or all of their work well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Geo-Environmental Services is a vital part of the construction industry, forming the foundations on which the foundations themselves are laid. Only through building on solid ground can success be achieved, and there are few more experienced, more talented and more successful than the group behind Geo- Environmental Services. Name: Michael Brown Email: [email protected]